God Made Girls 

Throughout this paper, I will analyze the lyrics of a song, as well as the gender and sexual scripts that the song possesses. When this song was first released, I thought that it was “catchy”, and I played it often. However, it did not take long before I really understood the lyrics and realized that it was not a song I wanted to keep listening to or keep believing the lyrics to be true. The song “God Made Girls” attempts to tell us the reasons why God put girls on Earth.

RaeLynn’s message for this song was to show the purpose that God made girls for, and that reason is to be romanced by men and to meet the interests of men. I began to think, is this really the reason women were created? The song starts out by stating “Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt, somebody’s gotta be the one to flirt” and goes on to say “Someobody’s gotta make him get dressed up, give him a reason to wash that truck, somebody’s gotta teach him how do dance, so God made girls.

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” These lyrics degrade females, as if their only duties are to please men. This song can lead many people to be confused. Why do girls have to be the only ones to flirt? Can men not get dressed up on their own, or have a clean truck?

These lyrics go hand in hand with many gender scripts that have been socially constructed for a specific gender.

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The lyrics “Somebody’s gotta wear a pretty skirt” suggests that girls have to wear these skimpy clothes in order to attract a man. This does not make sense to me, because I feel that women should be admired for who they are as an individual, not based on their physical looks. The lyrics “make him wait on a Saturday night, to walk downstairs and blow his mind” suggests that girls are late because they have to look perfect to impress the man. RaeLynn’s song suggest that girls are “hard to handle, something fragile” and are to “hold him when he hurts”. The word “fragile” complies with the typical gender script that females are seen as “weak”. This song has a heavy focus on solely heterosexual relationships. It’s as if girls need to do these things only to impress the opposite sex, but what about impressing others of the same sex? I feel that this song is extremely sexual scripted, in the way that RaeLynn is telling us that God created girls to act and dress a certain way to please men, which is far from the truth.

This song led me to having mixed feelings towards myself as well as others. I thought that because I didn’t wear “pretty skirts” I wouldn’t be considered attractive to others. As for those who do wear skirts, I thought that they would be the girls who were considered more attractive. This song bases a woman’s beauty specifically on their physical appearance. Because of this, I questioned, if I didn’t do these things that RaeLynn said girls should, am I not considered beautiful? Am I supposed to follow these guidelines in order to find someone special? I have never thought that my sole purpose on this Earth was to impress a man and to meet their needs. I believe that girls need to know that they are strong, and are worth far more than impressing men with their physical appearance.

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