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Go Green Speech Presentation

The honorable, Miss Asmi Rusmanayanti as our speaking lecturer. Firstly. I would like to praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to attend this speaking class. Secondly may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad Saw who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness. Ladies and gentlemen Before I deliver my speech, let me introduce may self. My name is Indrawati Husna. It is a great pleasure for me to be given the opportunity to deliver a speech entitled Go Green.

Ladies and gentlemen Go Green! program of environmental protection. This is just a simple phrase. But it means a lot for our earth. It aims at making global movements to participate actively in saving our earth – the only planet in which we live. In the last century, we know that our environment especially our rainforest in Indonesia has been cut down by human. Scientists state the function of rainforest as lungs of the world.

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Based on fact, Indonesia has lost 72% of the original forest. How horrible it is! The deforestation will influence a lot of our environment.

If deforestation keeps going on, the greenhouse effects cannot be reduced and finally the global warming will keep increasing. It warns us that our earth is in danger and we should participate actively to take care of our environment. Ladies and gentlemen Human growth increased, but not supported by natural growth. The modern people in this millennium era had affected so many destructive impacts which are really needed to be concern.

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They not only want to increase their prosperity, but also increase their rate of comfortable and luxurious life.

Because of that the protected animal and plant nearly extinct, forest logging without reboization, and uncontrolled of mine exploitation. The impact of those problem cause Global Warming keeps increasing that its disaster such as floods, earthquake, landslides that can kill human life. The disaster can happen anytime and anywhere, every month even every week. We have to be worry about this. Ladies and gentlemen We live in the same world; in this earth. Nature balance was really disturbed by human behavior.

As the youth generation without exception we should devote and participate on any program that cares to our environment and go green is one of them. The importance of Go green is making our environment to be green and full of fresh air. Everyone must be responsible for every single plant. We should do this for our better future environment. If there are 300 million people in Indonesia, there will be 300 millions of plants in Indonesia. In addition, planting any kinds of trees in the barren area or in side of the road can be done.

That is a good start. These activities can be supported by doing another activity in saving our earth such as:

  • Stop deforestation and do reforestation movement
  • Reduce the use / purchase of goods made of plastic because almost all of plastic waste will produce harmful gases when burned and can pollute the environment.
  • Don’t throw away rubbish anywhere which can disturb the flowing of the river water.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.

I believe we all can do and cooperate together. No one will get disadvantage.

Ladies and gentlemen. The importance of saving our environment is the need for all of us, for human being to survive. It is not only for us, but also for our next generation. The disasters above can be minimized if all of human beings can preserve our environment and we must pay more attention to our environment whenever and wherever. By doing those simple efforts, it means we have participated in the preservation of our environment. I think that’s all my speech. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us and thank you very much for your attention.

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