Give Peace a Chance: Let Us Solve Our Problems With Dialogue

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The protest song which I have selected is called “Give peace a chance” and it was written and sung by well-known singer and song writer John Lennon in 1969. The song is focused mainly on Vietnam war and other problems that was occurring in the world in general. The genre of the song is Folk Rock and Pop.

In 1955 until 1975 there were a brutal war between the United States of America and Vietnam then John Lennon and his wife Joko Ono began a non violent protest against the war in Vietnam at that time.

So one day while Lennon and Ono spending their honeymoon together in a hotel that located in Montreal Canada, a journalist inquired Lennon what was the main purposes of staying in the bed besides that he was asked the same question in several times for example in Amsterdam Holland and many other places but Lennon replied the reporters each time they raised the question with out thinking “just give a peace chance”.

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After that day, Lennon decided to record the song in his hotel room in Montreal Canada, many famous celebrities and reporters attended the recording of the song. At the time the song was sung by Lennon, there was a fierce and deadly battle between the USA and Vietnam which caused a wide spread disruption of the world peace more over many people died in the war while many other civilians displaced internally and externally.

This song is also released in a time of great crisis happening in the world, especially in the United States such as the Vietnam war, the civil rights movements and the police brutality against the people of the color in the USA, in addition the death of President Kennedy as well as the the death of Martin Luther king junior.

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Lennon express this song his frustration about the bad situation that the world is going through so he appealed his song to an end the violence and the war that was happening in the world and bring peace and happiness to the world.

In the first verse of the song John Lennon sings “Bagism, shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism Tagism”. He pointed out here that we should put away all our differences and treat each other in a good way also he refers that it is unacceptable to judge someone based on their ethnicity or their political believes and instead of doing wars and destructions let us make a peace with one another.As Lennon continues his song and he sings “Ev´rybody´s talking Ministers, Sinister Banisters and canisters” in this verse he mentioned ministers and sinister because of their participation of the war in Vietnam and their role at distracting the peace of the world further Lennon was strongly against the invasion of the USA troops in Vietnam.In the last verse, Lennon remarks his song a very prominent and famous celebrities who were with him in the hotel room while he was recording the song for instance “John and Yoko, Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy Smothers, Bobby Dylan ….” He shows us that he was not a lone with his campaign against the war in Vietnam, the race divisions as well as religious differences but there were many well known figures who get involved the campaign and supported this concept “all we are saying is give peace a chance”.

This song is relevant to the present day because today we know that each day there are wars which are happening in many places of the world which is based on religion believes, political differences and ethnic divisions. For instance, the last thirty years’ wars ravaged by my home country Somalia which results the deaths of thousands of civilians and displaced many others from their homes in addition to that wars separated beloved families from each other.All though Lennon used many understandable words in his song for example shagism, tagism and so on, but the way he played the music is great so lyrics, in the background you can see many people protesting against the war in Vietnam and sometimes you can see police men beating brutally the protesters which make the video of the song great and fabulous.

Finally, I admired so much about the song because there are deadly wars in so many places of the world today which caused collateral damages, many lives lost and these wars divided the people ethnically, religiously and racially moreover it damaged the people socially and economically. I am one of the war victims because I fled my country with out my will as I faced a life with out water, shelter and food because of the war each time I watch the news all I see are wars and conflicts that still going on in my home country Somalia and many other countries in the globe. Instead of trying to solve our problems with power and wars I wish that my Somali leaders and the rest of the world leaders should give peace a chance because wars just brings destruction while peace brings prosperity and happiness. Let us solve our problems with dialogue.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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