Gender Inequality On The Workplace

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Analysis of the relations between Gender Pay Gap, Gender Equity, and Underpayment

In the contemporary society, underpayment and the existence of gender pay gap are considered as forms of gender discrimination. It is unethical for men to be paid more for performing a task just because their gender is different. Paying men for the same work that women do and they are paid less for it is a form of underpayment to women (Zillman, 2018). According to the requirements of the international law on pay act, the pay scales ought to be the same regardless of whether the employee who is performing the task is a male or a female.

In the cases where female employees are paid less for the same work done by men, gender pay gap manifests itself as a form of gender discrimination, which is in contrary to the gender equity rules.

The issue of gender equity is violated when women are paid less than men because of their gender.

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Underpaying women in an organization is a form of sex discrimination, which is illegal in most countries such as Australia and the United States (Kwon, 2018). Gender equity and empowerment of women in the society requires that both women and men are provided with the same opportunities to advance their careers or access health services (Nguyen, 2018). However, women have been denied such opportunities at their places of work as opportunities for job promotion are often availed to men.

Reports on global gender equity reveal that it has become a common practice for women to work longer for job promotions.

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For example, sex work has been decriminalized in Spain after the sex workers pursued their rights for nearly thirty years (Benavides, 2018). It is the same job promotions that pave the way to higher pay; thus, most men earn more than women because of the selective provision of opportunities for career advancement (Yeager, 2018). There are factors that may be the cause of the pay gap between men and women. Women are known globally to take more breaks from work to care for their families. Women also take time off work because of maternity reasons as compared to men.

Gender pay gap is a real issue that may not be easily eliminated in the society today (Connley, 2018). Gender inequality is a major problem that has been in existence since women were introduced to the workforce and affect women in almost every occupation and industry (Huddleston Jr., 2018). While there are reports that some people consider gender pay gap as a myth, equal pay is the right thing to do in order to ensure a fair salary for all employees.

Work place equality is best ensured by eliminating the issues of deliberate underpayment of some employees or deciding on the employee salary range based on their gender. Companies are obliged to ensure equal pay as a way of avoiding legal action that might be brought about by underpaying employees because of their gender (Natural HR, 2018).Income inequality lawsuits are known globally to stir up public relations nightmares for the organizations involved as the world is steadily working to achieve a society that promotes gender equity.

Committing to equal pay in organizations requires that a culture of trust and strengthening the entire economy be the first priority in business. Gender equity plays a role in strengthening the economy as women account for more than 80 percent in consumer spending, and an improvement to their wages would imply a general growth of the entire economy the struggle of women for equality is dated back during the World War I when they stayed back to research as men were headed to fight (Fara, 2018). In an attempt to get rid of the unfair practices such as underpayment, gender inequity, and gender pay gap, organizations are obliged to recruit the best team based on talent, ensure gender diversity in management, and pay what is due to the employees. For example, baseball teams in America that recruits the best female talents bear the same results that men bear (Tannenwald, 2018). It is advisable for the companies to adopt an inclusive culture that would ensure equal pay for all and promote gender equity.

gy Australia closes gender pay gap overnight, literally.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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