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A company which I have chosen is Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd in Malaysia. The founder of this brand is an American man called, Horatio 'Sye' Slocumm. In 1969, he was sent by International Executive Service Corporation (IESC) to launch a bakery in East Malaysia. Singapore and Philippines also have Gardenia Bakery. This company had provided and created an assortment of breads which are the highest quality, great tasting, nutritious and so on.

Gardenia bread consists of various species of bread such as white bread, grain bread, flavoured bread, snack, cakes and so on. Apart from this, it provided bread which is halal certified for those who are Muslim person. In addition, its breads is affordable for people from all walks of life. In the era of globalization, most of the people have started emphasizing their health so it suggested many healthy options which contains the high nutrition level like vitamin B and E and mineral. Hence, its bread is more famous compared to other brands of bread.

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Market segmentation

Gardenia Bakery (KL) Sdn. Bhd had segmented their loyalty customers into two classifications, psychographic factor and demographic factor. In psychographic factor, Gardenia differentiates their customer into few sectors based on their basis of personality, motives or lifestyles and how they behave in their daily lives. Firstly, it focuses on all customer’s way of life. Gardenia more focuses on satisfying and meeting the demands of consumers who demand for, comfortable and so on. Currently, customers need more distinct taste of the bread and they hope consuming healthy and delicious bread.

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Hence, it still maintains to keep and provide fresh and healthy breads to their customer and delivery channel where help them resell their products such as supermarket, emporium and so forth. It also produced the bread which is “Halal” for all people especially Malays and vegetarian. Thence, Gardenia is suitable for all ethnic person. Apart from that, in demographic factor, Gardenia focuses on the age of customers. Gardenia divides the customers into adolescents, adults and senior citizens. It focuses on providing a high level of glucose of the breads to the adolescents because they require more energy to consume. Thus, Gardenia had manufactured a new good which is waffle bread to meet their needs. After that, Gardenia manufactured new taste of the bread that is Say Cheese bread. The cheese bread comprises two different types such as classical cheese and pizza mania., It focuses on providing healthy and soft breads for the adults and citizens. This is because they in nowadays had started focusing on their body health, so they will consume the bread which has a low fat, low sweet as well as more vitamin and fibre. Gardenia had invented the whole grain breads which contain a high level of fibre and vitamins to fulfil their needs.

Market Targeting

After Gardenia Bakeries Sdn. Bhd segmenting their market, its breads are made for targeting the customers who love the its breads and reseller who assists them to promote their breads to other peoples. Gardenia Bakeries will hope to maximize their profit, so it creates new product to attract more customers. it focuses on what the common needs of customers instead of on what is distinct. Although it has small quantity of the customers market but with large number of customers so that it has an enormous sell could be realized. It created and offered variety of breads for customers to let them have more choices of the selections of its breads. Reseller market who aids them by distributing and selling their breads is also ones of market for it to target. For example, supermarket like Tesco, Giant or coffee shop as well as convenience store like 7-eleven. The customers can go through the channel of reseller market to know and understand the Gardenia. If the reseller who is well-known and popular easily controls the customer market, so it would be directly promoted to the customers as soon as possible.

Market Positioning

Gardenia have extremely positioned their brand in the consumers’ minds in respect of attributes of their products. For instance, Gardenia has an own song and slogan which is “So good…you can even eat it on its own”. Hence, the customers who have listened to this song, they will decide to purchase its breads and didn’t think of other brands. In the brains of the customers, they will think of the healthy and freshness Gardenia breads, so customers will choose which brand of bread to consume. The customers will select Gardenia breads as a breakfast as Gardenia breads contain a high level of nutrition and the price is affordable for everyone. The customers will also remember the symbols and image company of Gardenia. Besides, Gardenia also guarantees and assures that all their products “Halal” to make sure that people who are in different religion can consume. Apart from that, customers will set up their minds about the taste, texture and appearance the of product that Gardenia that provides for example Gardenia Original Classic and Gardenia Delicia.


In a nutshell, Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn. Bhd used marketing strategy to attract their target customers and increase more business opportunity. One of the marketing strategy which used by Gardenia is market segmentation, they had segmented into two main classification which are Psychographic and Demographic. Gardenia focuses on the age and lifestyle of the customers, so they have provided and created new products to meet the needs of all age people. Moreover, Gardenia also used market targeting which is marketing strategy to target its market which is the costumer market and reseller market. Gardenia targets the costumers who are loyal and loves their breads as well as resellers who help them promote and sell their breads. Furthermore, Gardenia positioned their brands in the minds of the customers strongly by the song. The customers will think about the Gardenia breads which are fresh and healthy deep in their minds. All the breads from Gardenia have no artificial or preservative. Gardenia remains their bread which is healthy, fresh and more innovation. Gardenia is a good bread for us to purchase because this is a right decision-making.

Updated: Feb 17, 2024
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