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From when I was born to now the people I am surrounded

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1021 words)
Categories: Character, Harry Potter, Literature, People
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From when I was born, to now, the people I am surrounded by have shaped my life. The way I talk, think and act are all derived from the influences of those around me. Everybody is affected by the people they share their lives with, whom they put down roots with, whom they work with or spend their free time with. The apple does not fall far from the tree – this popular idiom relates to the fact that most children share many aspects or features of their parent’s traits and qualities.

I am no different. I have learned from my Mum, Brother and my grandparents, as they have learned in turn from me.

Love: the emotion that drives the world. I wear my heart on my sleeve, emotions burning bright like a star providing light to an entire solar system. I have never been afraid to let my feelings show and I am always compassionate in my approach to others.

I learned this all through my childhood from my Mum and Grandparents but an example of how I grasped this concept comes from an event I was too young to witness. When I was born, seven weeks early – premature and in need of a life-saving operation, my grandparents never left my side. After the surgery, when I was one day old – my Gran and Papa came without fail every day to the hospital before work. Every day for a month, from the end of November until after Christmas. Their love is all consuming and so powerful it could spark a forest fire. Their love planted the roots of my kindness and empathy and showed me that no matter what – you should always make time for your family. Now, even when I am busy with school work – I make time to do things with my family. From simply watching television with my mum to hillwalking with my papa.

Wandering among the trees, the bright radiation from the sun spilling through the gentle gaps in the leaves, is where I feel truly at home. The sounds of the chattering birds and hurried streams meandering through the forest comfort me in the way, the industrial world never could. The first time I felt the warm embrace of nature, I was four. My papa and I went hillwalking in the lake district where I completed my fist wainwright – a hill over one thousand feet. The wind in my face and the adrenaline in my veins – made me feel invincible. My papa Bobby planted the seeds of my love for nature and it grew changing the world around me. Now when I look towards the countryside, where people see a nice view: I see an adventure. A hill waiting to be climbed. A complex ecosystem filled with winding paths and small animals. Bursting with biodiversity. Two worlds meeting in a symphony of noise and beauty. Humans and nature intertwined as one. Looking back I would have never guessed how passionate I would become about nature and how it helps define who I am. At school, to learn more about the world around me and to satisfy my intense passion for all things outdoors, I have taken biology and geography as subjects. I aspire to study microbiology at university and discover the effects of bacteria and other microorganisms on the environment. My Papa has helped develop my interests and in turn, I help develop his. In a relationship, both people evolve and change. I have helped him rediscover his love of the outdoors when he first took me hillwalking as he has helped me discover mine.

Not only have I learned from my elders, but my younger brother Finlay. My brother has helped me realise that being yourself is the best person you can be. Even though he is only twelve years old, he has inspiring confidence. Finlay loves the Harry Potter books and films, a fact that is easily discoverable just by looking at him. His big round Harry Potter glasses, many pins on his blazer from the films and the way he shoehorns the topic into any conversation astounds me sometimes. Sadly some people look at him strangely or whisper behind his back – I have even been called Harry potters sister. For most, this would be too much. However, he keeps smiling brightly and unbeknownst to him – delivers a lesson to me. Never let other people dictate who you are, be you and be happy. In more ways than one, he is more of the Luna of the Harry Potter books than Harry and he does it with pride! Together we now shoehorn Harry Potter into any conversation and share our passion for books. He has shown me that letting the quirky, nerdy part of my personality is ok, and I should not hide behind a mask. When I was a first-year: I was in no way as confident as Finlay but with his help, I am branching out and planting a new seed of confidence in my personality.

Knit, purl, knit, and purl. My Gran has a passion for projects from knitting to creating PowerPoints, her creativity knows no ends. During primary, she taught me how to create PowerPoints for different topics for school. This greatly developed my love for computers and I would anticipate every time I would get to use my Grans computer at her house.

Like a turtle I would often draw back into myself, scared of new sensations and overflowing with doubt. Too scared to stand up in front of a class and wary of meeting new people.

Like a turtle I would often draw back into myself, scared of new sensations and overflowing with doubt. Too scared to stand up in front of the class and wary of meeting new people. Sometimes I fear that I will never lose this quality but with my Mums help: I am getting better at it. Throughout the years she has been patiently helping me discover that in life you need to take risks. Being cautious is good but if it stunts your growth entirely, it can be extremely dangerous.

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