Frito lay's quality - Controlled potato chips

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This video is about Frito-Lay’s, which a snack company is. The company has 60 percent markets share. According to Tom Rao who is a vice president, operation of Florida Region, Frito-Lay’s commitment to deliver in top quality products in the marketplace is really four key areas, and it starts with top quality ingredients. Second, it is s strict adherence to a recipe that is based on consumer preferences. The third key is that they monitor in the manufacturing process, and that is a strict adherence to all of the process parameters, continuous monitoring of all the critical attributes such as oil content and season content.

Finally, it is a focus on looking at their products twice per shift just like the consumer would, and that is what they call our quality wall where look at things like appearance, flavor, overall texture of the product, and bag quality, the kind of things that you won’t see from an analytical test.

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The potato chip production line has nine critical checkpoints throughout the process for quality. SPC charts play a key role in monitoring performance. Control charts give manufacturers a way to track the variation in a process.

Frito-Lay keeps track of the sample mean, the type of chart we are going to make is called and X bar chart. They must also examine the charts for a run, a string of results on one side of the mean. If an ongoing issue is hard to resolve in-house, the plant manager may call in a team of Frito-Lay experts.

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The teams are called “star fleet teams” and they are based on system- wide expertise to help solve tough issues in the production plants. Also, it is a big opportunity to be able to identify where some setup and some differences in their line versus some other Frito lines. This video also explains that Frito-Lay compute means of potato chips for SPC charts. How to compute SPC charts is that a worker takes three samples of chips and placing the samples in the test equipment. She computes the salt content or each, and takes its means.

Finally, she plots the sample mean on the SPC chart. Finally, Samples from a smoothly running process will fall somewhere in between the control limits. If sample means beyond the control limits, the process is out of control. When process is out of control, something might occur such as equipment failure, power outage surge or other problems in the production process. Frito-Lay should have computed Acceptable quality level (AQL) and Lot tolerance percent defective (LTPD) although they might examine them outside of this video. If they compute those materials, they can consider the good or bad quality level of a lot.

The quality level of a lot considered good is AQL, and the quality level of a lot considered bad is LTPD. Also, my opinion as I watched the video is that they should add consumers to the group which checks the appearance, flavor, overall texture of the product, and bag quality. Why they make potato chips is that selling to consumers and getting profits, so a consumer preference is the measurement of the product. For example, in the name of tour inspection, let consumers eat their product at the factory, then ask their opinions. It can be a magnificent measurement to determine right and wrong of potato chips.

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