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What is Eutrophication?
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Generally, eutrophication occurs when the rate of nutrient accumulation is greater than the rate of nutrient removal (Heggie, 2006). Because of unnecessary high nutrient content of the soil, plants experience stunted growth, (as indicated in some of its salient features) fishes die in rapid succession, and a general deterioration of water quality. Nitrogen and phosphorus are generally the nutrients which cause these problems, but in estuaries located in temperate regions nitrogen is effective in maintaining plant growth. An estuary has…...
EnvironmentNaturePollutionSoil ConservationSoil ErosionSoil Pollution
Shear Strength
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Introduction Shear strength is the property that enables a material to remain in equilibrium when its surface is not level. (Smith, 2006) The direct shear test is used to determine the shear strength of soils on a predetermined failure surface. This test is used to measure the shearing resistance, undrained shear strength, and dilative and contractive tendencies in soils. (Fratta et al, 2007) The results can then be used to determine the allowable bearing capacity of foundations and stability of…...
PhysicsSoil ConservationStrengths
Soil conservation
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Soil conservation includes all such measures which protect the soil from erosion and restore its fertility. These measures are of two types-(a) small measures to check soil erosion at local or even individual level, and (b) large measures at govern­ment level involving larger area and heavy invest ment. (a) Small Measures-These include afforesta­tion, regularised land strip cultivation or contour farming or terrace farming in hilly areas, use of stubble mulch system, increasing cohesiveness of the soils through artificial manures and…...
Soil Conservation
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Dust Bowl Migration
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During the late 1920s, there was an increased number of farmers who practiced mainly arable farming in the south west plains of the United States. The increase in their number led to too much cultivation in the region thus leading to soil exhaustion. Before the settlement of the farmers in the region, the area was mainly covered by grass that prevented soil erosion. Sooner after the settlement of the farmers in the area, the virgin land which was in most…...
MigrationSoil ConservationSoil ErosionThe Dust Bowl
What is soil erosion?
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What are the negative impacts of soil erosion? Define overgrazing, overcultivation, and deforestation. Include ideas on what people can do differently to reduce the impact of these three practices on soil erosion. Provide examples of where this happens both locally and regionally. Within the examples list the specific consequences. Soil is naturally removed by the action of water or wind: such 'background' (or 'geological') soil erosion has been occurring for some 450 million years, since the first land plants formed…...
Soil ConservationSoil Erosion
Causes of the Dust Bowl
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One of the most devastating environmental crises that occurred in the United States was the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl began shortly after the Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted throughout the 1930's. It affected everyone, farmers and consumers alike, in its path negatively. The Dust Bowl of the 1930's was caused by four major factors: drought, climate misconception, poor land management, and most importantly, wind erosion. The first of the four major factors is drought. During the Dust…...
DroughtSoil ConservationThe Dust Bowl
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What is Eutrophication?
...Because of certain types of species cannot withstand the increased toxicity of the water, they move to other environments. Species that depend on them for food also leave the place. Plant and animal biomass also becomes apparent. When plant and anima...
What is soil erosion?
...In accordance with the provisions of the United States National Response Framework (NRF), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) require that all federal, state, tribal, or local emergency respond...

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