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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I found this one in an association which is from last 165 years International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement with approximately 17 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide and from last 99 years Indian Red Cross established under Central Act XV of 1920 is a voluntary humanitarian organization having a network of over 700 branches and from last 98 years Indian Red Cross Society,…...
HealthRed CrossSocial IssuesViolence
The Red Cross
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The Canadian government and individual Canadians are also frequent supporters of international aid initiatives to assist people in war torn or developing nations. Canada has also been a key endorser to many international treaties and plays a very important role in promoting positive change socially and physically. We all probably have heard about the Red Cross. Some of us might have seen it in action helping people in need all over the world. Red Cross is an international Organization, which…...
Human NatureRed Cross
Human Rights– Refugee Crises
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Are Refugee Crises inevitable in today’s world? Discuss by reference to UK examples? Human Rights.Refugee crises have increasingly become a problem in today’s modern day society. There are several reasons that have contributed to this situation namely global inequalities, people fleeing persecution and regimes, people fleeing from violence and outbreak of wars. Recent examples include the Kosovan refugees who were forced from their homes by the conflict with the Balkans; Columbian refugees on exile due to drug syndicates; genocide in…...
Cultural GlobalizationHuman rightsImmigrationInternational RelationsJusticePolicy
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Red Cross Fun Run
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Running is arguably the popular sport these days. Every day we see people jogging and exercising in the streets. We sometimes see people jogging in the ovals of the Cebu City Sports Complex. But what’s truly amazing about this sport isn’t about the training or the fun, but through the promotion of good health. Last February 10, 2013, we joined the Red Cross Fun Run. This was only the 2nd time I had ever joined a fun run. like the…...
Red Cross
Project: First Aid Kit
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First aid kit was invented by Johnson in the late 1890’s. First aid kit got its name is by Johnson's first aid kit. The first aid kit formed in the 11th century, to help the pilgrims and knights and also train the other knights and pilgrims to help cure the injured people. So that’s how and why many of us now use Johnson first aid kit to cure illness and injured people. We all have our first aid kits in…...
Hurricane SandyImportance Of First AidRed Cross
Benefits of Volunteering for the Individual
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When considering volunteering within a charity, then even though you will be thinking of the charity and what the charity will gain from having you there, there are also many things that you can gain by working for this charity. This is because if we use the example you have just come out of school and you have never had a job and you need to find one, then the different life skills that you can learn from volunteering in…...
CommunicationEmploymentLife SkillsRed CrossVolunteering
Heroism of Influential Person Edith Cavell
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In 1914, Edith Cavell had already finished her nurse training and was giving four lectures a week to doctors and nurses, taking care for her friend’s daughter who was a morphia addict, a runaway girl, and also her two dogs. She lived a fairly mundane and busy life as a nurse; however, that changed on August 3rd, 1914 when she was back in Brussels dispatching the Dutch and German nurse homes and also making sure everyone knew that his or…...
HeroismInfluential PersonRed Cross
Impact of Technology on Mankind and the Natural World
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Humans have impacted this world greatly with the increase of technological advances. For the most part, though these things have been helpful in creating a Global Community, the impact of this rush of technology has been negative. The fast-paced industry of technology is of the mindset of "faster, better, more efficient." This betterment of the current technology has left a lot of waste in its path. Old computers and cell phones have little use anymore and are hard to recycle.…...
CommunicationFoodMankindPovertyRed CrossTechnology
Community Emergency Preparedness
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Natural disasters are a part of life and emergency situation occur more frequently than most people believe. After a disaster, how well a community can recover will greatly depend on how well they have been prepared in advance. Preemptive organization of resources and the responsiveness to emergencies can mean the difference between a community’s ability to regroup and recover, and the loss of life. To better understand the preparation for emergencies, a thorough examination and summary of emergency events and…...
CommunityRed CrossScience Fair
Foreign Intervention
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Developing nations are usually countries that lack stability, whether politically or financially. Intervention in such nations may prove to be helpful in such cases, as it may ensure an increased stability within the country. This is much needed in developing nations, as stability is key to economic prosperity. However, intervention in the internal affairs of another nation may undermine the country’s sovereignty, rendering foreign intervention undesirable, as it does more harm than good from the standpoint of the developing nation.…...
ForeignPolicyPoliticsRed CrossRightsSovereignty
Identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident
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P3 - identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident Statutory and voluntary agencies: Statutory agencies are services like the police, fire and ambulance. These will always join an emergency incident. However at some incidents they will be helped by voluntary agencies like: St John Ambulance - St John Ambulance is a charitable organisation staffed by trained volunteers. The organisation responds to hundreds of emergency incidents (including major incidents) such as…...
HealthIncidentRed CrossSafetyWork
Disaster Rehabilitation Complex
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Bamboo Hybrid Building Construction Material Foldable emergency houses through Bamboo Hybrid Building Construction Material. A revolutionary way of construction where the bamboos are being combined with structural Bolt Ball steel to act as struts (replacing the steel/aluminium material) and form as a structural joints to achieve stability and flexibility. Together with Contex-T: textile architecture, a fiber reinforced structural element that will act as the roofs and walls which provide good insulation, maximum flexibility in design and maximum mobility with a…...
DisasterRed Cross
The American Red Cross Description Paper
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Yes, it is important for organizational ethical value to support his or her value. Values begin at home first. One has to have compassion in his or hearts to support the ethical values of the American Red Cross to begin with. The American Red Cross values are compassionate, collaborative, creative, credible, and committed (American Red Cross 2012). The values listed here is the foundation for this organization; the same values should be followed and supported by individuals. Compassionate: for the…...
AmericaRed Cross
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Identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident
...Emergency response. Retrieved 10 8, 2013, from sja: Gray, D. (2010). oublic services level 3 btec nationals book 2. Society, T. B. (2007, august 2). How the UK floods crisis unfolded. Retri...

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