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Women in Drama
Words • 1814
Pages • 8
We can only understand the role of women in Greek tragedies within the framework of a concrete gender ideology that existed in Athenian society. The already prevailing sharp division between the sexes was reflected in, and enforced by, an ideology of gender, which attributed different and complementary behaviors and character traits to men and women. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are polar opposites, but they define each other and cannot be understood apart from each other. In this ideology,…...
The portrayal of Women
Words • 1437
Pages • 6
In The Trojan Women and Medea by Euripides and in Lysistrata by Aristophanes the harsh and debasing treatment of women is portrayed by the playwrights' use of the chorus's commentary. In all three plays, women are shown, in the conventional attitudes of the time, as beings made for the household and subordinate to men. In The Trojan Women, the captive women become hopeless slaves to the Achaean captors after the fall of Troy and in Medea, the husband appears as…...
Lysistrata is Funny
Words • 1900
Pages • 8
When Lysistrata is explaining to Calonice her plan, Calonice doesn't know what Lysistrata is trying to suggest, asking if its "big and meaty". Lysistrata's sense of humour comes into question here as it takes her a long time to realise that Calonice is referring not to her plan but to something else. However, the fact that Lysistrata misunderstands what Calonice is referring to for a while is funny. She is funny without realising it, by being who she is. She…...
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Ancient Western Comedies
Words • 588
Pages • 3
According to the text, ancient western comedies were performed at a time associated with wine making, thus linking them to the wine Gods Bacchus and Comus, from which the term comedy derives from. Old comedy tended to focus on broad, raucous, coarse, and sometimes sexual humor, which drives up images of Benny Hill, while new comedy concentrated on more common situations in everyday life. (Martin & Jacobus, 2018, p. 228) The subject matter of comedy is the comicoddball behavior and…...
Ancient Women Powerfull or Powerless
Words • 968
Pages • 4
In ancient world, men’s and women’s life were highly segregated. Man worked in public places while women were confined to their homes, where they managed the household and raised children with the help of slave. This does not mean that women did not have a social, public and economic life. David Cohen says that Athenian women participated in many activities such as working in fields, acting as nurse and many other activities. Women were considered week in front of men,…...
The Subjugation of Women in Greek Culture and Literature vs Real Life
Words • 5261
Pages • 22
Women would be better off as cattle, than as we are — a subspecies of the human race. First — at great expense — we buy ourselves a husband — what is a dowry unless a down payment on marriage? — but then he owns us, especially our bodies! Thus two wrongs make a worse wrong. And secondly, the big question — will the man we get be all right, or a total write-off? We can't get rid of him,…...
Napoleon And The Enlightenment
Words • 1209
Pages • 5
The enlightenment was a time of great learning throughout Europe during the eighteenth century. Although the period is significant for scientific and other scholastic advancements, it is most important because it allowed for the opening of great minds--such as that of Napoleon Bonaparte. Shortly after this enlightenment made its way through Europe, revolution and civil war ripped through France between 1879 and 1899. The unrest of the time called for a strong ruler. A man/woman with an open mind and…...
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