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Assignment 1 01 2019
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Pages • 5
CSC633 OPERATING SYSTEMSASSIGNMENT 1 (Weighting 15%)DUE DATE: 22/03/19-19685280035 Date: 22-3-2019 Total: 35 marks Define operating system. ( 1 mark)Operating system- is a computer program that manages the computer or allows the user to run applications on the computer. Example: keyboard, mouse, printer, and monitors. Explain with the help of a diagram the components of a computer system and their interactions. (5 marks)Input unit- is utilized for exchanges' raw Data and control signals into the data handling framework by the client…...
ComputersInformationKeyboardOperating SystemTechnology
Different Types of Documents Produced in a Business Environment
Words • 1317
Pages • 6
The different formats in which text may be presented are font typefaces, headings, font size, effects (bold, italics, underlined), colours and text boxes. We can format text in paragraphs, tables and columns. We can add bullet points, headers and footers. We can also add tables, graphs, diagrams and flowcharts as a clear way to represent data and processes. 1. 3 Explain the purpose and benefits of producing high quality and attractive documents The documents you produce for your organisation are…...
Keyboard and a mouse
Words • 824
Pages • 4
The two hardware that I used to produce this website are a Keyboard and a mouse. The need to capture data quickly and accurately has led to a wide range of input devices. For this project there are not many choices of hardware that I could have used other than the mouse and the key board. I could have used some other software such as concept keyboard, graphic table, touch screen, a scanner and a digital camera but these were…...
KeyboardSoftwareWorld Wide Web
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Input Devices John Browns Requires
Words • 483
Pages • 2
Barcode reader Barcodes are different groups of vertical bars that can be read by an optical scanner. Barcodes are printed on nearly every product that you can buy. Shops use them because they are cheap to produce and very durable. No At present, a barcode reader is not one of John Browns requirements. Maybe at a later stage he may decide to purchase one to make it easier to enter product information onto the computer. Keyboard They are the most…...
Tablet Pc’s Future of Computer
Words • 427
Pages • 2
Beginning with the best name Of ALLAh who's most merciful and the most beneficent. Wellcome to all of you in this mind blowing,,, mind pumping,,, mind touching,,, captivating,,,, lovely And the fantestic Mega vision seeminor of CAMBRIGE Institute Of Language And Proffesional Solutions ... ... Honorable Jewri Decent Trainners and my dear Audiuance Assalam-o-alaikum My name is Zeeshan Ahmed and today i am going to provide the discussion in this mega vision seeminar and my subject is... Tablet Pc's future…...
Future Of Computer TechnologyKeyboardPersonal Computer
Technical Description of a Computer
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Computers are basically all around us now and they have become part of our dally living. Not only can it perform calculations much more quickly than a person can, It can also do many complex tasks simultaneously. Thanks to the computers, they help us make the complicated Jobs much easier, help us to do tasks quicker and communicate with friends and family with one click, and play a significant role In the school system as well. The computer has significantly…...
ComputersKeyboardPersonal ComputerSoftware
Multi User Operating Systems
Words • 1459
Pages • 6
An operating system is a set of software programs, which manage computer hardware in a controlled fashion. The operating system controls the file-system, process management, memory management and peripherals. Multi-user operating systems are used on large mainframe computers. A mainframe computer system has one very powerful processing unit, which may contain many microprocessors. Many users will all share this processing unit. They use terminals (a keyboard and a monitor) to access the mainframe computer. A multi-user operating system lets more…...
KeyboardOperating SystemTechnology
Computer Technology During The 70’s 80’s And 90’s
Words • 740
Pages • 3
Computer technology during the 70's 80's and 90's Computer technology took a great leap in development during the 70's when schools, businesses, and universities began to use computers. The 70's would have to be the beginning of the technology of computers, as we know it today. The personal computer became big in the 80's. Now computers are being updated daily, if not hourly. During the 70's computers and computer use began to become known by everyone. This period was a…...
ComputersKeyboardPersonal ComputerTechnology
Input And Output Devices Of A Computer
Words • 2237
Pages • 9
The terms “input” and “output” are used both as: verbs to describe the process of entering /displaying the data. nouns referring to the data itself entered into /displayed by the computer. Input Devices Input devices are necessary to convert information or data in to a form which can be understood by the computer. A good input device should provide timely, accurate and useful data to the main memory of the computer for processing. Keyboard Keyboard is the standard input device…...
Health Risks Associated with Technology
Words • 352
Pages • 2
The widespread use of technology has led to some important user health concerns. Some of the more common physical health risks are repetitive strain injuries, computer vision syndrome, and muscular pain. These injuries are on the rise of technology. A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Technology-related RSIs include tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon due to repeated motion or stress on that…...
Critical Analysis of BlackBerry Business
Words • 774
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Critical essays
According to the article “BlackBerry Posts Loss as Phones Go Unsold”, BlackBerry performs a poor performance. Business has a quarterly loss in 2013 for $965 million. The revenue had drop 45% that down to $1.57 billion from $2.86 billion compares with a year earlier. BlackBerry lost $248 million, or 47 cents a share, and analysts forecast 49 cents a share loss for the quarter ended August 31. The net loss is $235 million which excluding inventory charge and restructuring charges…...
Computer structure and logic
Words • 555
Pages • 3
Learning Objectives and Outcomes -This assignment addresses the learning objective “Explain BIOS, POST, and derived processes.” The expected learning outcome that will result from completing the assignment is you will be able to describe the operation of BIOS and POST. In video 1.01 it talks about BIOS and CMOS and how they are different. The difference between BIOS and CMOS is that BIOS stored in ROM, they’re permanent and cannot be edited. On the other hand CMOS stored in RAM,…...
Use occupational and safety guidelines when using keyboards
Words • 367
Pages • 2
1.1State occupational health and safety guidelines in relation to using keyboards. Using the keyboard properly is vital for your health. To use keyboard properly you need to tilt the keyboard using the small feet at the back so you can type with your wrists straight and your hand have to be in line with you arms, rest you wrists on the desk when you are not typing or if you are continuously typing consider getting a wrist support or ergonomic…...
One Problem of My Country
Words • 442
Pages • 2
One problem of my country Nowadays, the society becomes more and more developing and brings about increase in using the technical appliances. One of them, the mobile phone is an very useful means of information. However, the youth is abusing it a lot and this becomes a big problem deserved taking interest in. The cause of using the mobile phone excessive is a positive cause. Parents buy for their children a mobile phone to contact with them in some necessary…...
CountryI Love My CountryKeyboard
Learning To Play Piano
Words • 1333
Pages • 6
I have always been interested in art since I was young so it did not take me too much time to decide the general area for my project. Drawing, singing or dancing have been growing with me since I was little. However, to make this project more challenging and interesting, I will try to do something I have never done before. At the end, I come up with the idea why don’t I try to learn how to play piano.…...
KeyboardLearningMusicPianoThe Piano Lesson
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Use occupational and safety guidelines when using keyboards
...You have to make sure that your workstation is tidy, try avoiding using any drinks or food around the computer. You have to make sure that the all the equipment that you use are maintained for example printers make sure that that its always got ink a...

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