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Essentials of Accounting Finance and Economics
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When it comes to Morgan Stanley (Stanley, 2017) their financial success comes from the great numbers that they manage. You have to understand that when numbers are being crunched up to visualize the revenue of a company/business everything has to line up correctly so that the math adds up and the numbers make sense regarding the gross percentage or even the EBIT percentage. This is how they benefit from making all this revenue add up correctly. The main reason is…...
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European Debt Crisis – Greece
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The most important point of having a good healthy financial is to keep the debt below the capital that country or individual have; by trying not to spend more of the funds that the country has or individual can repay back. According to Amadeo (2018) for a company that have difficulty to repay a debt is called business debt. When this happen it can become very expensive for the company to get new loans since the new investment will not…...
CrisisEconomy CrisisGreece Debt CrisisGreece Economic Crisis
Why Greece is Poor/Struggling Economically?
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The sovereign debt crisis that erupted in Greece in 2009 has until today not been sufficiently dealt with. Greece announced in 2009 that it had previously been understating its deficit statistics raising concerns about the country’s financial status. After revising its statistics, a massive increase in both the budget deficit and public debt was witnessed. This made Greece become an epicenter of the European debt crisis and regarded as the weak link in the Eurozone. As a result of the…...
CrisisEconomy CrisisGreece Economic Crisis
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Greece Economic Crisis
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Current Event: Grace's Economic Crisis The macro economic environment has critical implications for corporate finance. The current economic crisis in Greece is having profound affects not only on the government and companies in Greece and Europe, but across the globe from the United States to Japan. Largely as a result of Grace's massive public debt, the Euro has fallen 4. 8% against the US Dollar and 7. 9% against the Japanese Yen. There are growing concerns that the mounting crisis…...
GreeceGreece Economic Crisis
Globalization Study Greece Economic Crisis
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However, besides Greece, there are other European countries also belonging to European Union; face a similar problem, such as Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Therefore, Greece’s debt crisis also triggers a European crisis. As the three companies lowered Greece’s credit rating the cost of their debt was on an upward trend. Consequently, Greece initiated an austerity program, the austerity measure resulted mass demonstrations. Background It all started in 2001, when Greece joined the European Union, Greece’s deficit at the time…...
GlobalizationGreeceGreece Economic Crisis
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Why Greece is Poor/Struggling Economically?
...Laskos, C., & Tsakalotos, E. (2013). Crucible of Resistance : Greece, the Eurozone and the World Economic Crisis. London: Pluto Press. Retrieved from

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