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European Debt Crisis – Greece
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The most important point of having a good healthy financial is to keep the debt below the capital that country or individual have; by trying not to spend more of the funds that the country has or individual can repay back. According to Amadeo (2018) for a company that have difficulty to repay a debt is called business debt. When this happen it can become very expensive for the company to get new loans since the new investment will not…...
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What did Solon achieve?
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Solon 'the reformer' as he was know was an Archon from 594-593bc in the time of the Greeks. He was an elected dictator (aisymnetes) and was placed in power to sort out the ever growing problem that was happening between all social classes. He was chosen for this job due to the fact that he was born into a noble class; though he was perhaps he was a second son but didn't inherit the family estate. He was a trader…...
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Sierra Leone
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Introduction A tiny country on the Western coast of Africa, Sierra Leone is home to a beautiful coastline as well as a breathtaking mountain range from which the country derives its name. However, the country has never been a hot spot for tourists. This is probably due largely to the civil war which ravaged the nation during the 1990's, as well as Sierra Leone's poor showing in the UN Human Development Index in 2000: dead last. Sierra Leone was impoverished…...
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Economy of Greece: Characteristics and Debt Crisis
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Introduction Economy Background Greece joined the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) in 1952 and the European Union in 1981. Greece also joined the eurozone area in 2002. In the Europe region, Greece is ranked 43rd among Europe's 44 nations, and its general rating remains below the regional and global averages. Recently, the economic freedom rating for Greece is 57.7 and making its economy the 106th freest in 2019 Index. With strong improvements in fiscal health and financial freedom…...
BankEconomy CrisisEuroFinanceGreeceGreece Debt Crisis
Too Big to Fail
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The term 'too big to fail' is the idea that a service has actually become so large and usually works with numerous business for suppliers and services. The business will instill in the economy and others business will depend on it for portions of income. If it dealing with financial issue might reason for failure, the government will supply support to avoid its failure. Therefore, if the cost of a bailout is less than the cost of the failure to…...
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What did Solon achieve?
...They way in which he decided to sort out all of the problems were not really for a permanent state but instead for a temporary solution to the ever growing problem. Some call him the 'Father' of democracy; I would tend to disagree with this. Admitted...

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