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Radical doubt 
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Critical thinking involves asking good questions, using language with care and precision, supporting your ideas with evidence, arguing coherently, and making sound judgements.  Four ways of acquiring knowledge: perception, language, reason, emotion. Despite the growth of knowledge, we are confronted by contradictory beliefs.  The difference in education of the prevailing era supports the fact that knowledge is not static but changes over time.  Nothing is certain, due to some claims by scientists we have not been trying to make sense…...
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Persian Proverb
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"Doubt is the key to knowledge" (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? This expression is describing the fact that Persian people believed there is an evidence that doubt- which is the "status of feeling that a fact or action is true but there is uncertainty and it is a status between belief and disbelief " is the key to open the doors which leads to knowledge which is "be sure and certain that…...
The Whole Debate About Reparations is Extremely Doubtful
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Overall the whole controversy on reparations is extremely open to question. Many people have different views on who should get what? How much money should African Americans receive? So on and so forth. But to me, reparations is not a smart idea. One reason for this is because of the amount of money would be significantly large, and it would be impossible to figure out who deserves what. Moreover, money is not sincere. Why is this important to me? This…...
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Skepticism and Too Much Doubt
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"Do you control your doubt, or does your doubt control you?" -Unknown Being a part of academia, have you always been comfortable with questioning everything that enters your mind? Do you always get uncertain about opinions even though many people would happen to agree on it? Have you ever thought if you'd still be able to get through the reality without being afraid of the repercussions? If these questions reflect your current situation, we are all in the same boat.…...
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There is no doubt that the global economy is facing an economic
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Pages • 6
There is no doubt that the global economy is facing an economic instability the last several years. The crisis has started from US subprime mortages and has been contagious across countries all over the world and since the banks hold positions with very high risk in their portofolios they have been to big to control financial system. During the period of 2007-2010 the US economy was in danger of falling over a recession or a depression. In order to prevent…...
Philosophy the Meaning of Life
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Pages • 9
There are many different views as to what makes life meaningful. Philosopher, Thomas Nagel, presents a good argument as to why a “Sisyphisian” existence is meaningless. This does not necessarily mean that all lives are meaningless, because Richard Taylor and Raymond Martin provide strong evidence that prove otherwise. According to Greek mythology, “The Myth of Sisyphus”, by Albert Camus, condemns Sisyphus to forever roll the same rock up a hill; only to see it roll back down once he reached…...
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Descartes Methods Of Doubt
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Pages • 4
In this paper, I will be examining Rene Descartes’ reasons for doubting all of his beliefs. I will begin with Descartes’ first meditation, showing how he argues his reasons of doubt. Followed with Descartes’ second meditation, presenting the one piece of knowledge that Descartes finds irrefutable and explaining why he believes it to be so. Descartes formulates three different skepticisms while reflecting on a number of falsehoods he was led to believe throughout his life. Upon reflection, Descartes decides that…...
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The Movie “Doubt” V. the Film
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Pages • 8
There were a few changes that were made to make a smooth transition from stage to film, but there were many things that stayed the same. The plot of both versions was basically the same. The play and film centers on Father Flynn, Sister James, and Sister Aloysius. Sister Aloysius is convinced that Father Flynn has acted inappropriately around the male students at the school, and Sister James is the naïve young teacher that wants to see the best in…...
Natural sciences
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Pages • 6
Knowledge involves acquaintance with truth, principles or facts as with a certain subject or a branch of learning. People have various perceptive of knowledge. There are those who belief that knowledge is found in many forms which must be proven with evidence. It is possible to doubt everything that exist because it is a misconception or it may be seen as an illusion. Doubt is important in knowledge because learning through from the senses or through the senses can be…...
Doubt and the Acquisition of Knowledge
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Pages • 3
Is doubt of any value in acquiring facts and knowledge? There are a number of approaches to tackling this question. If we were to look at various religious philosophies such as the teachings of Hinduism, Buddha and Christ, the disadvantages of doubt can be ascertained. The Bible says that there is a proper time for everything under the sun: "Every activity and every purpose has its proper time" (Ecclesiastes 3:17) This statement has bearing on the question as to the…...
The Value of Doubt through O’Brien’s “On the Rainy River”
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Pages • 3
People value being certain as it gives them a sense of stability, self-reliance and control. Being certain gives one the power to be able to confidently assert beliefs or claims and act upon them. Descartes says as seen in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2005), “As my certainty increases, my doubt decreases, conversely, as my doubt increases, my certainty decreases. ” Doubting threatens the stability and assurance one initially possesses, which is why it is less frequently valued or appreciated.…...
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Certainty and Doubt Essay
Words • 355
Pages • 2
William Lyon Phelps and Bertrant Russel have conflicting views regarding the importance of certainty and doubt. Phelps position is that having certainty in oneself allows you to accomplish impossible tasks. While Russel believes it is healthy to have a certain amount of doubt in oneself and that people should not only believe in any one philosophy. Both Russel and Phelps make good points on the relationship between doubt and certainty but a combination of the two would be the most…...
Certainty vs Doubt Essay
Words • 516
Pages • 3
The argument between certainty and doubt is highly controversial. Despite the side that people have accustomed themselves to, there are still pros and cons to both. A person’s doubt can easily distract them from reaching their full potential, while it can also aide in making a more realistic and achievable decision because with doubt they are able to question their abilities and eliminate the options that aren’t as feasible. Whereas certainty can misguide someone into the delusion of great powers,…...
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Doubt Essay
Words • 814
Pages • 4
Shanley's thought-provoking, multi-faceted play, Doubt, can be described merely as a battle of diametrically opposed wills and belief systems (mainly that of Sis Aloysius and Father Flynn), properly staged mostly in a "court-room design" setting. Those reading and enjoying the play are, in such a way, forced to come to terms with and challenge their concept beliefs as they face the enigmatic ideas of judgment, morality, and obviously, doubt. In the contest of wills that takes place as the play…...
Descartes Meditation 1 Summary
Words • 645
Pages • 3
In his first meditation, Descartes embarks on a journey to ensure that all his beliefs are true. He deems that he must rid himself of all false knowledge in order to obtain any true knowledge. Descartes decides to doubt everything he has previously held to be true. He will rely on his reasoning ability to rebuild his own knowledge, beginning with things of which he is completely certain. He states, “But reason now persuades me that I should withhold my…...
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Critical Thinking in a Play Twelve Angry Men
Words • 719
Pages • 3
To what extent is reasonable doubt an effective safeguard in the jury system In the play, Twelve Angry Men Reginald Rose depicts ‘reasonable doubt’ as an extremely effective defence in the jury system which leads to saving the accused from being sentenced. In the play the jurors are asked to determine whether the seventeen year old boy is ‘guilty’ of fatally stabbing his father beyond ‘reasonable doubt’ or not. Only Juror 8 plays a pivotal part in acquainting the other…...
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Erickson stages of child development
Words • 1655
Pages • 7
Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development is one of the best-known theories of personality in psychology. Erikson believed that personality develops in a series of stages. Erikson's theory describes the impact of social experience across the whole lifespan. Erikson theory focuses on physical, emotional, and psychological stages of development. According to Erikson personality developed in eight developmental stages throughout life span and the need of each stage must be met or resolved before the move to the next stage. If…...
Cerebral PalsyChild developmentDoubtErik Erikson
Doubt in Macbeth
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Pages • 6
Doubt in Macbeth The play Macbeth contains doubt in many different ways. In the beginning of the play, we are struck by a very insecure Macbeth. He is indeed curious about what would happen if he were to take Duncan’s place and become the king of Scotland. If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well 
It were done quickly. If th’assassination Could trammel up the consequence, and catch 
With his surcease success: that but this blow Might be…...
Compare and Contrast Plato and Decsartes
Words • 1495
Pages • 6
Descartes and Plato are two of the most influential thinkers within philosophy. The allegory of the cave and systematic doubt are also two of the most famous concepts within philosophy. Plato at the time of writing the cave allegory was trying to resist the growing influence of the Sophist philosophers who prioritised semantics and rhetoric over truth.1 Descartes by introducing radical scepticism to philosophy was challenging traditional scholastic philosophy which had dominated the philosophy for many centuries. While both pieces…...
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Theoretical Analysis of Mrs Doubtfire
Words • 997
Pages • 4
Mrs. Doubtfire is a corky, light hearted movie that gives a glimpse into the lives of a family going through a divorce. The film sheds light on the rockiness of a marriage between two middle aged parents. However, analyzing the movie from a different perspective paints it in a much darker tone. The comedy of the film covers up underlying predispositions the Western culture has on sex and gender. There are many blatant as well as minute details of the…...
Doubt: Father Flynn’s Parables
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
Father Flynn has a talent for telling a parable. He is forcefully open to specific events that he recently encounters. As the play opens he expresses main points in the theme using a parable, to teach a lesson of doubt, and to not fear doubt. This sermon foreshadows the dramatic ending to the conclusion of the play but throughout sets a tone for questioning each character and their opinion. As Father Flynn opens his first sermon with a question that…...
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