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GST & Demonetisation Impact on Indian Financial Stability
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Abstract If technology and data analytics has delivered results around demonetisation and direct taxes, the GST goes one step ahead on the GST and indirect taxes front, through the linkages of databases - big and small - that is wired into the Goods and Services Tax Network. The governor in his financial stability report published by RBI said that the withdrawal of specified bank notes will impart far reaching changes going forward. Raising concerns about stress in the banking sector,…...
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Investigating the Effects of Demonetisation on the Size of the Underground Economy in India
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“November 8, 2016, would be remembered as a watershed in the history of the Indian economy. The Government of India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, announced the demonetisation of the Indian Rupee, immediately nullifying the INR 500 and INR 1000 cash notes—a single decision meant to destroy the underground economy—affecting each and every citizen of the nation, regardless of their occupation, status or wealth. Being an Indian, and witnessing the government’s sudden announcement of INR demonetisation…...
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Move of Demonetization
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Pages • 3
Bijendra Kumar Srivastava: I am fully in support of this move of demonetization· The hardship is for few days. The real pain is to politicians, doctors, engineers ,contractors, big farmers & top bureaucrats. Jitender Kohli: The difficulties none to ignore or deny but one has to admit this change is necessitated for national security and development. The deaths pointed are painful but can't only be connected with demonetization. Are we not finding such heart breaking news in accidents, lining-up for…...
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