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The Negative Consequences of Ambition in Macbeth
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Having too much ambition causes people to make destructive choices. “For brave Macbeth-well he deserves that name-Destined fortune, with his brandished steel/ Which smoked with bloody execution,/ Like valor’s minion, carved out his passage Till he faced the slave” (Shakespeare 1.2.16-20). At the beginning of the play, King Duncan rewards Macbeth for his accomplished and noble deeds. At this point, Macbeth’s character becomes someone who is determined to honor king Duncan and do what is to be done. By obeying,…...
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My Ambition in Life
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Pages • 2
Everybody has an aim in life. Aim or ambition is the inner desire of man. We should be very clear about our aim in life. We may face difficulties in reaching our desired target, but we should not loose focus. For me, to deliver mankind through treatment of poor sick people is my ambition A doctor lives a noble life.He is always at the service of suffering people.A sick man looks at him with the only hope of getting cured.The…...
Ambition In LifeAmbitionsMedicine
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Ambition in life All of us have some ambition or the other in life. Such a man has naturally a purpose in life and is always enthusiastic and makes sustained to achieve goals in their own life. My ambition in life is to be a good accountant . In order to accomplish this thing I should complete my studies in degree . and the best thing it’s make a great 6-digit salary sometimes more depend on your experience. I would…...
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My Ambition-a Doctor
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A person without ambition in life is like a ship without a rudder.They also are like the travelers going a head without any destination.Such people lead an aimless life.The people who want success in life,first of all,determine their target.They select some definite target of their life and remain successful.Only having ambition is not enough.A person should also work hard to achieve his or her ambition. My ambition is to become a doctor or a physician.A doctor is always at the…...
Ambition In LifeAmbitionsDoctor
Hitch Your Wagon To A Star
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Pages • 2
You should be familiar with the proverb “Hitch your wagon to a star. ” The logic behind this proverb is simple. If you do not aspire for something great, you will not strive for the goal set consequently leading a life of regrets. Living a life of regrets determines a path less than desirable when you can follow the road of greater choice and be ambitious and go forth to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life. An ambition is an…...
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Life Ambitions
Words • 429
Pages • 2
Owen Stuart Phillips-Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose Scouting has taught me many things about myself. It is a big part of who I am now and it will stay with me forever. Through Scouting, I have learned the importance of preparation, personal responsibility, service to others, and leadership skills. I first started out with Cub Scouts where I earned every rank and received my Arrow of Light. After Cub Scouts, I crossed over to Boy Scouts and joined Troop…...
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