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With close reference to the text, discuss the different attitudes to love revealed in Romeo and Juliet. Examine the language used by the characters to discuss love. Are there any messages about love revealed in the play? Why does Shakespeare portray different types/aspects of love? The words " Romeo and Juliet" conjure up images associated with true love; but the play explores many different views of love. Each character in the play has a different personality and view on life,…...
A Wall of Fire Rising
A Wall of Fire Rising
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An image that was common in this story was the hot air balloon. The hot air balloon represented freedom for Man, who was trying to leave the unreasonable poverty that his household was experiencing. This sign of freedom is very first introduced to the reader when Guy, his spouse Lili, and their boy all go down to the sugar mill to hear the evening news that is displayed for them. This is a little place of pleasure that they have…...
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