Francis Bacons New Atlantis On Marriage English Literature Essay

This paper will be comparing the matrimonial differences in More ‘s Utopian society to Bacon ‘s New Atlantis, while besides sketching the different methods used to choose a psyche mate. In Mores Utopian society he presents his ideal society and the manner matrimonial patterns should be carried out, which is really different from his European background the same goes for Bacon ‘s New Atlantis. While reading Utopia the first thing noticed that was different from New Atlantis was that there was a set age for matrimony, in Utopia “ Women are non allowed to get married boulder clay 18 ; work forces non till they are four old ages older ” ( More, 52 ) this means that work forces must be 22 old ages old in order to get married a adult females.

Atlantis does non really talk of any specific age adult male or adult females are to be married. Based on that it is assumed that in Atlantis at the age you are fertile is when it ‘s permitted to be married of to a unmarried man work forces were non interested in acquiring married at immature age because they would “ take instead a debauchee and impure individual life than to be yoked into matrimony ; and many that do get married, get married tardily when the premier and strength of their old ages is past ” ( Bacon, 14 ) , this quotation mark explains that in Atlantis work forces were more interested in researching the good side of a life without committedness a sort of party life style.

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But get marrieding and holding kids at old age sometimes comes with a monetary value of birth defects maybe that ‘s why they have a tradition of allowing the adult male and adult females view each other bare before matrimony.

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The idea of matrimony in Atlantis was considered as a “ dull thing, and a sort of infliction or revenue enhancement ” ( Bacon, 14 ) this makes it seems like the work forces were non interested in the load of raising childs, besides work forces in Atlantis did non understand the achievement of go throughing there cistrons on to the following coevals. For this ground they would take to get married when they are older, when twosomes did acquire married in Atlantis it was because they would derive some kind of regard or position in their society. The manner matrimony is viewed in Atlantis is similar to acquiring married into luxury in order to profit from the existent matrimony its ego. In Utopia a twosome got married because they wanted to pass their life together, there is a large contrast in this country compared to Atlantis because matrimony is raging to the Atlantis society.

Utopia seems to be rigorous with matrimonial patterns, because there are penalties for being a unfaithful unmarried man unlike Atlantis. In Utopia “ adult male or adult female convicted of illicit intercourse before matrimony, is badly punished ” ( More, 52 ) people are held accountable for their impure actions and are punished. If convicted of fornication before matrimony ; “ they are out to get married wholly, unless pardoned by the governor ” ( More, 52 ) this is non the terminal of the penalty for perpetrating fornication. The penalty is so transferred to the household of the two people who committed the action, “ the male parent and female parent of any household in whose house such an offense was committed incur great shame as holding been inattentive of their responsibilities ” ( More, 52 ) . This inquires that the household who raised the grownups did a hapless occupation in raising and developing the ethical motives and foundation in their boy or girls life, because of their actions the house and the household will endure and be disrespected.

What is found must eliciting about both societies that is similar but different at the sometime is spouse choice methods, the Utopians and Atlantis societies both require that the married woman and hubby see each other bare before perpetrating to marriage in order to procure a long happy matrimony. But the Atlantis method has added choice methods that are unpractical compared to the Utopian society, the people of Atlantis non merely look for defects like the Utopians but they give the option to allow another adult male view the married woman:

Atlantis Licenses, before they contract, to see one another naked. This they dislike ; for they have close every town a twosome of pools ( which they call Adam and Eve ‘s pools ) , where it is permitted to one of the friends of the adult male, and another of the friends of the adult female, to see them independently bathe bare. . . . ( Bacon, 14 )

This pattern would non be accepted in Utopian society because the Utopians would non hold on allowing another individual besides the two couples view the married woman naked foremost. Utopians believed it would assist do the determination to acquire married easier ; Utopians did n’t desire to conceal anything from each other earlier perpetrating to populate with each other everlastingly. The Utopians believe in remaining with your spouse tell the terminal and the lone manner that divorce is permitted in Utopian society is when “ they separate by common consent and contract fresh brotherhoods. This may non be done without the permission of the Council, which allows no divorce until the council and the twosome in inquiry have carefully gone into the instance ” ( More, 53 ) this suggest that Utopians do non adhere people together for life, because in most matrimonies the flicker does travel dip in the relationship and 1 must happen another individual to convey back the fire in their bosom. The Utopians will merely portion based on the footings of the last quotation mark, but interrupting the bonds of matrimony is non something the Utopians believe in making. I can non state the same for Atlantis society ; their matrimony imposts do non follow many guidelines like the, the lone regulation that is similar between the two societies is that they allow no polygamy which is a matrimony with more than two spouses. But in Utopia “ marriage are rarely broken except by decease, though seldom a matrimony may besides stop as a consequence of criminal conversation or unbearable odiousness of temperament ” ( More, 53 ) like that of a hubby that abuses his married woman and household, the two are entitled to disassociate and the victim is allowed to get married off to happiness. But the individual convicted of such monstrous offenses are “ set to work instead than set them to decease ” ( More, 53 ) . On top of that if the adult females still loves the adult male even though he has abused her, she is able to work for his freedom. But if he does ache her once more the adult male will be sentenced to decease!

In decision Utopia would be the better topographic point to be if looking for a more committed matrimony and life manner, and New Atlantis would be the best pick if looking for a long individual life style with many sexual brushs before settling down. Utopian society is a more structured society compared to Atlantis because there is an age of consent set in order to perpetrate to marriage in Utopia, Atlantis does non really talk of any specific age adult male or adult females are to be married. Based on that it is assumed that in Atlantis at the age you are fertile is when it ‘s permitted to be married of to a unmarried man. Atlantis matrimony traditions would be seen as less structured and more for the intent of self-pleasure, without holding to worry about anyone but themselves ; this is what was found most different between the two Utopian societies.

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Francis Bacons New Atlantis On Marriage English Literature Essay

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