'Forrest Gump' – Film Review and Analysis

The story begins with a feather that goes down from the air into the suitcase of the Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump sits on a bench and gives chocolate to the woman sitting next to him. Forrest says he likes the shoes of the woman sitting next to him, and Forrest says to her, ‘shoes tell a lot.’ Forrest Gump then begins to tell his life story to the woman sitting next to him. Forrest lives with his mother in Green bow, Alabama.

Since Forrest was an only child, he lived in a large house with his mother, and they made a living by renting out house rooms for travelers. Forrest Gump had a curved spine structure as a child and he wore leg supports because he could not walk properly. Forrest think’s its different. But, Forrest’s mom said that it does not look different and shouldn’t worry about it. Forrest’s mother called those shoes ‘magic shoes.’ His mother treated him no differently and was careful to say things that were easy for him to understand.

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While the story goes on , Forrest ‘s mother is still doing her best to better suit her son into the world, and his intelligence is below average based on a school level as they decide to send him to public elementary school: 75 out of 80 out of the average limit. Moreover, her mother supports him on the chieftains telling ‘’5 points didn’t really matter, ‘’ which indicates second stage of Autonomy vs Shame doubt stage.

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But, Mrs. Gump suggest that Forrest deserves better schooling to the principal.

I will introduce the main character, Forrest Gump, and will talk about the mental disorder of the Forrest Gump. We’re going to examine what criteria the lead character’s mental impairment depends on. Forrest Gump has a personality trait with a low IQ level.

Intellectual  Disability (ID)  is a  common neurodevelopmental condition characterized by substantially impaired intellectual and  cognitive functioning,  also known as a general learning disability and mental retardation  (MR).  It is characterized by an  IQ  below  70  in addition to deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors affecting life. The following three criteria should be met: According to DSM-5, firstly, Deficits in intellectual functions, such as reasoning, problem-solving, planning, abstract thinking, judgment, academic learning, and learning from experience, confirmed by both clinical assessment and individualized, standardized intelligence testing. Secondly, Deficits in adaptive functioning that result in failure to meet developmental and sociocultural standards for personal independence and social responsibility. Without ongoing support, the adaptive deficits limit functioning in one or more activities of daily life, such as communication, social participation, and independent living, across multiple environments, such as home, school, work, and community. Thirdly, the Onset of intellectual and adaptive deficits during the developmental period. Forrest Gump’s personality traits match the criteria set out in the dsm-5. The most prominent features in the film are the language problem, the problem in speech, the problem in motor skills, and the fact that it does not adapt to the social environment very well compared to its peers. The intellectual severity level observed in the movie is mild in character. If we make an evaluation for the conceptual area in the main character, there is a somewhat concrete approach to problems and solutions compared with age-mates. When we look at the social domain in the main character, ıf we carry out an assessment of the key conceptual area, there is a more realistic approach to problems and solutions compared to the age-mates. Therefore, he cannot fully understand what he represents in social situations; his social judgment is not mature for his age and is likely to be used by others cannot fully understand what he represents in social situations; his social judgment is not mature for his age and is likely to be used by others. When we look at the practical domain, recreational skills resemble those of age–mates, although judgment related to well-being and organization around recreation requires support. Looking at the life of the lead character in the movie, it appears that he was not very active in his social life and entertainment life.

In contrast to the needs required, the main character in the movie is usually a character who never gives up and gets very extreme successful about education.

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'Forrest Gump' – Film Review and Analysis

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