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Fingerprint Based Atm System

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (972 words)
Categories: Technology
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This system approaches an idea of device to be attached with atm. This device consists of fingerprint scan, and aadhar number or pan number is to be add and also pin number. In this project it also has a feature if password is forgotten then otp will be sent to phone Number or email according to users convenient.


We express our special thanks to help us during the project work to our respected Head, Prof.

C. J. Shingadiya , Department of computer engineering, Dr. Subhash Technical Campus, to provide us better opportunity to learn very interesting subject Design Engineering.

We want to say thanks from the core of our heart to our guide, Asst. Prof. Amit Vyas, Department of computer engineering, Dr. Subhash Technical Campus, to provide us tremendous guidance and to show us right way to do something better, and correcting various do comments with attention and make necessary correction as and when needed.

We would like to thank many people who helped us directly or indirectly and supported us during the evolution of this project proposal.


Prior ART Search (Pas)/Literature Review/LongBook

Project Definition & ProjectTitle:

Our project ‘fingerprint based atm system’ is a project which aims is that everyone get money without using atm card. In our project ,we are using fingerprint biometrics. Users fingerprint are scanned using biometrics trait and stored in database. Using fingerprint base ATM system user can make securetransaction.

Aim and Objective ofProject:


Our project main purpose is make transaction of money is more secure and user- friendly.


The main objective of our project is to provide fingerprint as authorized identity and to design a more secure ATM system to propose authentication and verification process on the existing. ATM machine to make secure and successful transaction.

Domain Selection &observation.

PHP is an acronym for PHP : Hypertext Pre-processor.

It is powerful enough to be at the core of biggest blogging system on the web. PHP file can contain TEXT, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT and PHP code.

PHP code are executed on the server and the result is returned to the browser as plain HTML. PHP files have extension.

Reverse engineering:

  • Parameter
  • Existing system
  • New system
  • Security
  • Provide ATM card
  • Provide pin number and fingerptint
  • feasibility study
  • Available online help like
  • justdial.com
  • Available online help like
  • medlife.com


  • Cash withdraw using ATM card.
  • Cash withdraw using fingerprint and pinnumber.


  • Cash withdraw .
  • Secure case withdraw.


  • By using ATM card any time we can withdraw the case .
  • No requirement of any card to withdraw the case.


  • lost ATM card.
  • Scanner is not work properly.


  • Without ATM care can not withdraw the cash.
  • If finger dose not match or if pin number forgot .


  • as per requirement
  • as per requirement / fix

Final output

  • Get all information in guj.language
  • Get all information in every


  • Empathy Canvas – MindMapping

Empathy Canvas:

A User Empathy Map is used to help in the discussion about the needs a user has. Using it allows you to focus on what was observed, and what can be inferred about your different user groups beliefs and emotions.

Developing a better understanding of the person for whom you are designing your product with the Empathy Map helps you synthesize observations and draw out unexpected ins

Mind Mapping:

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, helping you to better analyse, comprehend, synthesize,recall.

Prior Art Search (PAS)/ Literature Review/Log BookLog


Log book enables a complete reconstruction of the experiment or measurement at a later date.

It enables the work to be repeated for re-evolution of the reported research. The steps that led to the success or failure of a large project can be extracted. In this, facts should be recorded without comment; opinion should not failure at all. Uncertainties should be noted, unrepeatability recorded.

In our logbook, we have noted of our observation of our domain cold storage. In this noted how to work cold storage and who people are attached cold storage and which object use the cold storage and what is issue of cold storage and any storagecompany.


AEIOU Summary framework is a combination of the Activities, Environment, Interactions, Objects, and Users.

Identical canvas:

Identical Summary framework is a combination of the Activities, Situation, People,Props, and Possible Situation

Product Development Canvas & user feed Back:

Are you thinking about using a user feedback tool?

A wise consideration, because with customer feedback you are given an overview of where exactly on your website you should make changes and improvements. Give your visitors the opportunity to provide feedback in a simple manner. Make sure they can provide suggestions or reportproblems.

User feedback:

Nice app, all homeopathic medicine is available in one click easy, faster. Very useful for gtu student. Easy to find and fet information..great application. Save the time.

[figure 2.3: product development canvas]

Learning needmatrix:

Learning Needs Matrix will help students to identify the learning requirements at an early stage along with prioritization of specific learning along with defined time duration/ time allocation for each learning priority.

  • Identification will be focused on listing out both
  • The learning, which is included in some subject of the formal syllabus of your branchand
  • The learning, which is required for solving the Design problem and which may notbe included in the formal syllabi of the othersubjects.

Concept of Prototype Model:

We make a prototype model with the use of thermocol sheet, Colourful Papers and colorful pens and other thing which is necessary to our prototypemodel.


At the end of the projects it concludes that the innumerous study of this project let me to better future procurement. I have enjoyed making this project. Also helped me out to prove myself in this field.

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