Fighting For Equal Rights and Independence Day Dilemma

Racism: 'The Fourth of July' Independence day is celebrated on The Fourth of July where Americans gain freedom and seperated from Great Britan. In the essay 'The Fourth of July' Audre Lorde exposes racism, discriminstion and how it all started when her and her family took a trip down to Washington D.C. They encountered disturbing and unjust treatment. In the article, it statement that Lorde felt rejected because her family was not allowed to go to sudden places and being told they were not allowed to sit in the diner.

While that was going on lorde alerted her parents of what's going on but they were calm to the news because they knew about racism but for Lorde and her sister it was all new to them. The behavior of the parents allowed Lorde to feel rejected because they did nothing about what she was going through. Soon she realize not everybody had independence in Washington. She wrote this piece to show how African Americas were getting treated unfairly and did not have any equal rights.

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The reason why the Family decided to take this trip was because Phyllis was not allowed to attend with her classmates. Lorde stated that ' I learned later that Phyllis's high school senior class trip had been to Washington, but the nuns had given her back her deposit in private' Lorde's family was colored that was reason Phyllis wasn't allowed to go to Washingston. According to Wasttington D.C is the nation of freedom, where phyllis was allowed to go.

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Her Parents how to deal with racism since they came to the country but the way they handled it was private. Her mother and father believed that they could best protect their children from the realities of race in America and the fact of American racism by never giving them name, much less discussing their nature (Lorde 240). They were told never to trust white people. When growing Lorde was taught to know things before being told.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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