Fiesta Celebration Essay

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Fiesta Celebration

“Tan tanan tanan tanan tan tanan tan tanan…. VIVA APUNG KULAS!” Isn’t it nice to hear that sound every time we make our procession for the feast of San Nicholas of Tolentino here in Macabebe?

We start celebrating our fiesta every August 31 with a mass and procession. People here in Macabebe usually complete their tradition of 9 days novena mass wherein different priest from other towns are heading the mass. Devotees really make it as their tradition.

Celebrating San Nicholas feast day is really a big deal to Macabebe’s townsmen. They spend most of their time preparing for the main day or feast day of Apung Kulas which is on September 10. They do much preparation for their relatives out of town who is visiting them every fiesta.. It’s like a small gathering for them. A family reunion which is a bonding time for them.

What is sad about Filipinos who celebrate fiesta is that, even if they don’t have enough money to celebrate they are still seeking for ways to do what they want to do. Fiesta-Mentality, one of the Filipino virtues in which we must change. In celebrating Fiesta, we should not forget the solemn part of it…the spiritual part of the feast… What do you think is the main reason to celebrate feast days? Is it to be with other people? Is it to have many friends because they know you’re a happy go lucky person? No, it is because of the main person you’re celebrating to. Like here in Macabebe, We should not care if we don’t have money to deal with having fiesta. We should care on how we must provide satisfaction to God. We must satisfy God in giving or showing him what he want us to do.

It is also not a good idea to celebrate this traditional custom for a certain reason if we know that we can’t afford it. God will never understand your excuse that you’ll borrow money from someone to celebrate it. There’s still other ways of celebrating it, like attending the everyday novena mass. You know, preparing is not a way of celebrating but prayers is the most effective way to express our thanks to that beloved saint. Yes, we can prepare, but first analyze the situation you’re taking. God wouldn’t want you to take risk you can’t do.

We should know our limitations.. Yes, we must celebrate these feast days. But in prayers.. Like what I said recently, preparing is not important, prayers makes everything most important.

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