Federal Government of the United States Nowadays

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In the American political system Federalism is a basic Structural feature that has mostly generated a great deal of conflict throughout political history America. It involves the governments multiple layers with shared powers amongst them and the unique powers to varieties of the levels of the government (Wood Gordon, 1995).

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The most three important levels of American federalism are the federal or national government, the states, and the local governments (cities, counties, townships). In the world most of the political systems are unitary systems, but in the system of American it is system of divided government (Wood Gordon, 1995).

In the history American Federalism it has evolved over the course. In the time at different points, the boundaries and balance between the state and national government have changed substantially. In the recent time, the main role of the national government dramatically expanded, and it always to expand in the twenty-first century. Provide three (3) examples of how federalism has evolved from its origins to the American political system in place today.

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In the American political system three examples of federalism that has evolved from its origins are federalism, unitary, and confederate. Federalism almost is a way of nations organizing so that two or more government levels will have formal authority over the people and same area. In the Unitary system all the power resides in the central government in which most of the governments are today and confederate, most of the power is in the hands of it components and the national government is weak (Wood Gordon, 1995). Over the two centuries the federal system has changed and it’s why the American federalism system is at the center of important battles over the policy (John E. Finn, 2007).

Mostly Federalism decentralizes our policies and politics. The powers of overlapping between the two levels government demonstrate the tension with national and states government over who should control the policy and power. Most of the American states are also policy innovators being responsible for new ideas, many reforms, and new policies that are why we stand by till today (John E. Finn, 2007). Examine three to five (3-5) factors that have allowed the concept of federalism to shape American political behavior.

In federalism the political system respect to bureaucracy, based upon promoted enculturation of honor, democracy in government within the citizens, the political leaders, and the American society. By the awareness of the people the process increased and regularized by the liberty and civil rights. American citizens seek free will from the governments and Constitutional security of justice. In the American federal system the political parties free to have support conflicting political agenda, free will to voice out, ideas, and ideologies. While the liberals go with the democrats the group of conservative support the Republicans. The Democrats and Republicans represent the main political parties of American along with minor independent parties. The American governments cultivate federalism, by demanding of reforms the citizens of America also contribute in shaping up political changes.

Although legislators look upon amendment of Constitution and creation of laws, the citizens have their voices heard and participate. In the whole time, the voting attitude of Americans demonstrated changes. For example, Solid South in the part of Southern states used to be solid supports of Democrats but it was politically divided over time (Maier, Pauline, 2010).In the maintain of consistency the Constitution of US obligate the state and federal governments. With the ruling of democratic, the American federal government also allows amendments of the Constitution as called by the political changes and condition.

In the system of US Constitution the State governments have powers to create and maintain policies but the federal government oversees any policy to ensure agreement. Some time the power conflicts of authority become foreseeable due to nationwide applicability of the Constitution of US. (Maier, Pauline, 2010). Discuss at least two (2) factors that illustrate how the relationship between the states and the U.S. federal government influences the creation of American policies overall.

In making of policies of America, constitution amendments through popular vote of the people or state governments may seek ratification of the policy. Through congress the federal government may conclude if votes of American states will be needed on proposed amendments. Like the groups of special interest, state legislatures can also lobby the federal legislatures (Maier, Pauline, 2010). Federalism reflected in state judiciary systems and also reflected in national judiciary system. For example, the laws of state enforce driving safety and speed rules in conformity to policies of federal government to ensure not to lose the highway federal budget privileges (Maier, Pauline, 2010).

The power of the State government are mainly geared on the dealings and working of the state but on the other side the power of federal government are mainly after the dealings of the nation in general so that that it may cover some states affairs. In the system of Constitution of US, the State governments have their own constitution but also it abide and obliged with the Constitution of US. Under the valuable concept of federalism system the state and federal governments work hand in hand for the USA (Maier, Pauline, 2010).

1. Wood, Gordon, (1995). The Republic of America, 1775-1786. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 2. John E. Finn (2007). “Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties Part II: Lecture 5: The Constitutional and Court Interpretation”. The Teaching Company. pp. 51–60 3. Maier, Pauline (2010). Ratification : the Constitutional debate by the people 1787–1788. New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 977-0-654-88844-76 p.22.

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Federal Government of the United States Nowadays

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