Farewell Speech Essay

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Farewell Speech

“ Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. ” – Seneca. Middle school ended and now High school has begun. We all go into high school not knowing what to expect. Like if you’ll have the same classes as your best friend, if you’ll have nice teachers, or if you’ll get dumped in a trash can on “Freshman Friday. ” The toughest thing is not knowing which of your friends for middle school will be at your school and which ones won’t be, if your best friend is going to a different school then you.

But it’s O. K. high school is a new beginning we get to reconnect with old friends from elementary school and see our friends from last year to. As time goes by and with each of our classes you build new friendships that strengthen as the year goes on. The more you get involved in school the more you get to become friends with more people. I did Cheerleading for school this year and I have no regrets, I made so many new friends because of it they’re like my sisters now.

I was also a wrestling manager and that was great I can’t wait to do it again next year, I didn’t only become close with the other managers I also became close with the wrestlers, they’re like brothers now. But no matter how many friends you made in high school you never lose touch with the ones you had in middle school. Every Freshman had those “Freshman Fears. ” Some not as bad others, but everyone has them. Like the fear of “Freshman Friday” it’s funny because we never actually had that. It’s something they say to scare us….

And it works every time. We worry about if we have good teachers or not. Most of them are, but that’s your own opinion. Will we have a lot of our friends in our class? Are they going to have the same lunch as us? We get scared that we’ll get lost in the hall ways, or seniors will run us over. We have so many worries because of what we hear about high school, and that sense we’re the youngest in the school we have the worst teachers. It’s not like that at all in fact this year of high school was great, I wouldn’t change it at all.

Yeah, this year wasn’t perfect, there was still drama and fights, but once everyone got past all that this year was really fun. Football games were always fun, everyone went to them and had a great time. Pep rallies are interesting, especially when the seniors and juniors try to win the spirit stick. A lot of people try to make high school sound scary and horrible, but it hasn’t been bad at all. I’ve had a great year and can’t wait to see how the rest of high school will be.

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