TV show act as major happiness factor

Famous creative comic book writer Mr. Stan Lee once quoted that " Entertainment is one of the most important in people's life and without entertainment they might go off the deep end. If you are able to entertain people, you are doing a good thing."

In this current Industrial Revolution 4.0, technological advancement has made our life easier by providing most of the things digitally. Instead of going anywhere outside looking for entertainment, we could get it in one click. Currently, TV show is one of the major source of entertainment.

TV show not only provide entertainment but it also lets the viewer feel the part of story. TV show is the best way to learn about various cultures and traditions. In some or the other way TV show is a beautiful way to teach children and teenagers about important life lessons and good values. Generally, people watch comedy shows to relief their stress and sadness. And many of the comedy show also teach us to learn the various phases of life and to overcome them.

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It also provide a companionship for many individuals. For many people TV show act as their major happiness factor. And like other it has been as a happiness factor.

One of my favourite TV show is "Modern Family". And if I would be given a chance to be on a TV show, it would be "Modern Family". To explain why I love this show and why I wanted to be in this show, I need to first explain briefly about the show and what are the things that I have learnt from this show.

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So Modern Family is an American family series which is created by Mr. Christopher Lloyd and Mr. Steven Levitan. It is an situational comedy presented as a form of mockumentary. Mockumentary is a type of TV show which takes a topic and shows it humorously in documentary form. So, this show entertains through its humour and teaches us life lesson at the same time. Show is all about the drift and drags of life of Jay Pritchett and his family. Jay Pritchett is retired closet business owner. Family includes Jay's 2nd wife, their teenage son, his daughter and son in law and his homosexual adult son.

Whole show is centred around these 3 families. Although they are living as a nuclear family, they are very close to each other. Whenever anyone of the family is in trouble everyone is ready to help. Their cross family bonding is so strong that through them we as an individual as well as a part of family can learn many things. Dunphy family is the family with Jay's daughter. Dunphy family includes Phil, Claire and their 1 son and 2 daughters. Tucker-Pritchett family includes Jay's homosexual son Mitchell and his partner Cameron and their adopted daughter Lilly. This is some briefing about the show.

I like this show and I want to be in this show because it teaches me various life lesson through the humour. It has been 7 years since I have been living outside my home town for academic purpose and there are couple of times which reminds me of my home town. At these moments not even chat with my family gives me that much of satisfaction as this TV series gives. Reason is that by watching "Modern Family", I relate my life to the storyline of the show. I become the part of the show while watching it. There are failures in our life, but those failures should not demoralize you. Whole family is always together to support each other, when it comes to failure. This show makes me realise that even new shift could create new trend or new culture in our society, but we should have faith in ourselves and move along. The best part of the show "Modern Family" is the formation of 3 types of family from a single one. Surviving through every huddles you come around. Loving each other no matter what your gender or preferences are.

Fighting with each other but being there for each other at the time of crisis. And for the viewers the show is such that whoever you maybe you can correlate with any one of the member of Modern family. The word "Modern" is in the most positive context as the Jay who is a retired business man is married to young beautiful women. Chemistry between them is so beautiful that it raised my emotions of perceiving cuteness. And also Jay's homosexual son is stays with his partner Cameron. This made me realise that there is nothing there in stereotyping someone. But it is hard to compliment the person whom you are stereotyping. And the good part is when you compliment them their gratitude will make you blissful. In the Dunphy family both husband and wife try to implement good parenting required for their children. Their life is like a rollercoaster ride. Romance between Phil and Claire justified me that how you can takeout time for your loved ones, even though you have a busy life and lots of work to complete.

I want to be the part of such a great show which helps audience to learn the fact that families are not separated by their thoughts but rather they are joint by their believe, love and courtesy. Each character in the show is more than their identity markers due to which conversation between them becomes more dynamic and that adds more humour to the show. The prime thing that this show teaches us is that "No family is perfect and this family is also not perfect. They just know how to love and never give up on each other". At the end, the only thing we need is to be happy. Subjectivity of the happiness depends on the individual basis.

Many of the time we mistake that more money will give us more happiness. Today we now that U.S.A. is of 19.39 trillion dollar economy, but if we talk about World's Happiness Index U.S.A. is not even in the top 10 list. It is at the 18th position of the World's Happiness Report given by United Nation. This proves that more money will not bring happiness. In Modern Family Pritchett family is also a rich family. But they stay at the sub urban of California. Happiness is not brought on monetary basis. Through this show I learnt that happiness lies in every small things that allures. Happiness is cherishing every moment of your life. Happiness is a meal with your whole family. Happiness is gifting something for your loved ones after their success. Happiness is celebrating your life and thanking god for you being part of such a life.

I want to be the part of the show to experience this love among the family. I want to meet the artist who are starring in the show and want to know their opinions about their character they are playing and what all the things they are doing to play their character. I want to about the efforts made by them to make this show more productive and emotional. My favourite character in this show is Manny Delgado, who is the first son of Gloria Pritchett. The reason why I like this character is that he is very benevolent in nature and he has a very kind heart. He has an empathic character. And the beauty of this character is enhanced as Mr. Rico Rodriguez plays him flawlessly. I want to know Mr. Rico Rodriguez whether or not he is same as his character.

There is a beautiful quotation from this show "Modern Family". Quotation goes like this " We do strange things for the people we love. We lie to them, we lie for them. There may be some bumps along the way, but we never stop our want to get what's best for them. That's what makes this such a tough job, kind of the best job in the world." So, if I would be given a chance to be on Modern Family, I would definitely be there. We can learn a lot by this show whether it be a Phil's antics and Clair's craziness.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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