Famen’s Atomic Theory in Atomic Weapons

Marissa Gomez Physics-Schletzbaum Period 3 Six Easy Pieces Summary A widely recognized physicist of the post-World War II period, Richard P. Feynman. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1965, since his contributions to the atomic bomb in his work in quantum electrodynamics. Feynman establishes atoms, basic physics, energy, the relationship of physics to other topics gravitation, and quantum force. Presenting everything without any equations. Illustrating concepts for relating the concept to everyday events in life. Atomic theory; showing what happens when water boils, evaporates, and when air bubbles get trapped.

Then goes to explain the complexity of molecules especially in organic matters. Basic physics; discussing all physical things going on in the situation on a beach. Relating physics as if it was a game of chess that we do not know how to play, but if we watch long enough we may just learn. Relation of physics to other sciences; from psychology to chemistry. Conservation of energy; using the analogy of a kid with his 28 building blocks that are basically indestructible.

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Locking him in a room every day, so what happens when we would have one less? The point is that the energy can take on different forms but as long as we would know the equations for these different forms then the will always add up to be consistent.

Theory of gravitation; presenting the gravity of force equation. Discussing Kepler’s laws and illustrates orbiting extremely well by means of thinking about a gun shooting a bullet. While horizontal motion is entirely independent of vertical motion.

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Quantum behavior; how everything moves on a microscopic level. We see the macroscopic world and everything makes sense, but things do not act the same on the microscopic level. Covering key topics with a minimum of mathematics and a wealth. Defining elementary particles and tracks their interaction, then going on to show how it was able to relate to other sciences. Making it clear the theory of gravitation, while introducing quantum mechanics. Providing insight from modern physics into the structure and behavior of matter and the core principles of quantum physics. Developments in particle physics, astronomy, and cosmology and their connections to each other. With the realm of particle physics is one of the constant motion and transition. In the second chapter could you categorize behavior, people’s actions? Why would he use 1920 as the dividing line for the section of the chapter? How are we able to “see” electrical interaction, and test whether there are plus and minus charges? It was pretty brilliant although I was confused at times, as well as bored so it took awhile. I did learn a lot, but I will not be able to retain some of it because of no practice or repetition.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021
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