Extemporaneous speech outline and speech with Cosplay as topic Essay

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Extemporaneous speech outline and speech with Cosplay as topic

Specific Speech Purpose: To share to my audience about the cosplay scene in the Philippines and answer inquiries in their minds about cosplay. Statement: Cosplay’s popularity growth is fast and there are lot of questions in the mind of people about cosplay. It’s meaning and reason varies from person to person and there are negativities to it. Introduction

Attention Step: “Cosplay. I know a lot of you have in mind, what is it with cosplay? What do people get from wearing costumes like this and cosplaying? Well, congratulations because today, I give you a mini-introduction to cosplaying which involves it’s meaning, reasons why we cosplay, and the negativities to it.” Clarification Step: “The reason I chose this topic is that if I have anything to talk about which I know so much about, it’s cosplaying.

It’s something that everyone knows I do and something I’ll be confident enough to talk about. Now, if you’ll ask about the credibility of what I’m going to say, I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years and if that’s not long enough to know a lot about cosplaying, I don’t know what length will. As a proof, here’s a compilation of my past cosplays since the year 2008 up to present. But before I move on, I’d like to remind everyone that everything I’m about to say is purely based on my own opinions, observations, and perspective. “ Body

I. The meaning of cosplay varies from person to person.
“ Now, cosplay. What does it mean when you say cosplay? Well, the meaning of cosplay varies from person to person. Since the latest boom of cosplay , many people have had their own notion of what cosplay means. A. The literal meaning of cosplay is costume play.

“But, its literal meaning is costume play, thus the term cosplay. It is the process of acting out your character and showing to people who it is. This maybe by posing, saying a few lines, doing a catwalk, and much more. Unfortunately, to those who are newly exposed to the hobby, they define cosplay as simply as wearing a costume and that’s it. Cosplay! What they didn’t know is that there is a term for that which cosplayers call ‘costrip’.

So, there are common misconceptions about the difference between cosplaying and costripping. In cosplay, since you act out the character, you do it in an event, competition, you join a contest, promote a booth, or program with a specific purpose. While costripping, basically from the word costume + trip but not strip, you just do it because you want to. When you go to a convention, you don’t exactly have to join these competitions, you may opt to stick outside wearing a costume til some people may just want to take a picture of you.” B. Some others perceive cosplay as “cost-play”.

“Basically because it can be very costly and take up much of your money. A simple costume could range around 500php and those more intricate ones like these range around 20-30 thousand. Of course, that would include the labor and materials.”

C. People may do cosplay for a cause thus the term “cause-play” “Lastly, some people thinks cosplayers cosplay for a cause thus they term it causeplay. Some events would use cosplay as their main attraction and use it to raise funds, or ask for donations for those that may need it.”

II. People have various reasons why they cosplay.
“Now, let’s try to answer some of those questions in mind. Why do people cosplay? What do they get from it? Well, here are the following reasons” A. It is an outlet or a channel of self expression especially for otakus to show their love for an anime, game, or whatever or whoever they are trying to portray.

“First, it is an outlet or a channel of self expression especially for otakus to show their love for an anime, game, or whatever or whoever they are trying to portray. As for me, my love for anime started with the influence of my brother during our childhood which I carried on until I discovered the wonderful world of cosplay. By then, through cosplaying, I show my love for anime.

B. Cosplaying gives them a sense of identity which in turn boosts up confidence and self-esteem. “Second, cosplaying gives a sense of identity. Back in high school, and until now, I’m known by my classmates and friends as the only one who cosplays in our class. Somehow it gives me the identity of “hey, she’s the cosplayer girl from this block” and it becomes a sort of label to me. And sometimes, this ‘label’ boost up my confidence and self esteem because of my uniqueness in that way, knowing I can do stuffs people don’t normally do.

C. Cosplay gives fun and excitement to people, making it become a hobby for some. “The third reason for cosplaying is that it gives fun and excitement to people, and some of them make it a hobby. Back at my first exposure to a cosplay convention, I was amazed at how the characters that I was just watching at tv, are actually in front of me in real life, I’m like “Woooaaahh cool!” and so I became interested in cosplaying. Plus, when you really like, or even love something, you really enjoy what you’re doing and you’re excited about it.

D. Going to cosplay conventions or events becomes a form of relaxation and “detox” for them during their free time. “The fourth reason why some people cosplay or go to conventions is that it makes them feel relaxed, especially when they’re enjoying, and this somehow becomes their detox actvity during their free time. I mean, going out of those tiring school stuffs, or even work, because cosplay is not limited to teenagers only, and rather than staying home, they unstress themselves by going to events.

E. The community serves as a way to meet new people, friends, or “that special someone”. “Fifth reason, it serves as a way to meet a lot of new people or friends, and sometimes, that special someone. This here, is loki heart, she has been cosplaying over 8 years now and she met her boyfriend through an online game and cosplay convention. Now, they’re married. Who knows? Maybe you could meet your special someone through cosplaying too.

F. Some people cosplay for the prize they aim or for the benefit of it like as a source of income or for promotion, and sometimes, just forced to. “As of now, I don’t really cosplay anymore as a hobby. After several years of cosplaying, events began to seem all the same and boring to me plus I became busy at school works so I don’t really find that much time to cosplay anymore.

Some people see me at conventions but that’s only because it’s my part time job wherein I promote the online game Dragon Nest through cosplaying. Having rakets like this or having your costumes rented out can be a good source of income or help for my financial needs as a student. Plus it feels fulfilling since I don’t really ask money from my parents anymore for small expenses I can handle, in turn, I help them in that way, and also, myself.”

There are many negative sides to cosplaying or its community. “But, If you think cosplaying is all fun and stuff, well you’re all wrong because there are negative sides to it too. A. A lot of people get criticized or bashed, especially when they act or look weird. “The main negativity to it is that a lot of people get criticized or bashed, especially when they act or look weird. People just always have something to say about other people. Some would criticize your costume for not being accurate, that it doesn’t fit you, laugh at you because you look stupid, or just basically because they hate you.

Some would bash you because you cosplay a character you don’t know anything about. And some just, thinks you’re weird because it’s all something new or different for them. I dhad this experience once back in high school when my teacher saw me and told me in the exact manner I am going to do it now, ‘adrish, ang weird mo’, then i’m like, uuhh ok is that a compliment or not?, but thank u XD”

B. Issues are everywhere, especially when you’re famous.
“Next negativity is that issues are everywhere, especially when you’re famous. Here are pictures of people who have one thing in common. They’re famous, and often constantly given issues maybe because others are insecure about them or just couldn’t stand their presence.”

C. Parents and some others think it’s a waste of money, time, and energy. “Third, One thing about parents, they want what’s best for their children. And that is in terms of studies or things they perceive as good. Other hobbies as costly as cosplaying would look like a waste of money and time to them, thinking that children devote their time to studies rather than these.

D. There are people who will try to take advantage of you.
“Lastly, there are always people who will try to take advantage of you. One thing female cosplayers would always be warned about are those pervert photographers who try to get the most out of you. If you know what I mean. Or people who would try to ask to take a pic with you, just to get the opportunity to hold you on the side, sometimes at the butt, or suddenly hug you. Of course, you just have to be mindful and alert to these, and of course, speak out when you are being harassed.”

Summary Step: “Anyone can cosplay if they want to. You just have to put in mind the reason you are cosplaying or why you want to and stick to it. ”

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