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Export of The Educated

Our country is full of competition. Year after year, the results of our exams improve. We see students achieve marks which were earlier deemed impossible. The irony is, that with all this intellect that can be found in every corner of our country, we are still not considered a developed nation. The cause for this irony? Something that modern economists term as brain drain.

Brain drain can be explained as a phenomenon where the educated youth of our country move abroad to get jobs with higher pay or with other benefits.

In other words, all the intellect that should have powered our nation, today is responsible for running major tech giants like Google and Microsoft. It is a no-brainer that if all this human resource went into the development of our country, we would have been way ahead of our competition today. However, it is also a no-brainer that stopping a problem like brain drain is a herculean task. But if some miracle were to stop brain drain, USA would become to India what India is to USA today; Iron Man wouldn’t be fiction and perhaps, most importantly, what we associate with the West today would become something we associate with the East.

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This voluntary export of educated youth can be considered the downfall of our economy. It does not fetch returns but instead harms the exporter, in this case, our country. Our country currently has little to offer in terms of jobs and institutions that make corporations successful. Hence, we lose most valuable educated youth to the attractive economies such as the USA.

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However, making service to the country compulsory, might look attractive in the short run but is not the action for the long run. It is when people wish to work that they do their best. Love for the country or nationalism is a value which must be inculcated from a young age in schools. Working in our country can be made compulsory for an initial five year period after graduation/ post-graduation from college. This would show the youth the potential to be successful here. It is also of utmost importance that the government invests in institutions for education and also for coming up with startups. In our attempt to ensure that nobody in our country is left out, we have ignored the needs for those who actually bring the country to the global playfield.

It is thus imperative, that we bring brain drain to a halt as soon as possible. Change starts today and it starts because of everyone. It is thus the responsibility of the current generation to ensure that the generations after us find in India, the wealth of the Gulf and the prosperity of the USA.

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