Exploring Exciting Asia: A Magnificent Journey to Kathmandu

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Like any other place in Asia, Kathmandu will surprise and excite a traveller even if one chooses to just wander around. Most probably, a good part of your trip you will be accompanied by a hypnotising smell of incense sticks, mixed with dust and hot air, and even more attractive smell of street food. Kathmandu is for those seeking Eastern spirituality, history, heritage, of course, shopping, and spicy cuisine. Choosing among the things to do in Kathmandu, make sure not to miss the below.

Start From the Origins- Go Exploring the Old Town

The old town of Kathmandu is what holds the true spirit of the city- comprised of Hindu and Buddhist temples, royal mansions, and narrow streets that take you to unexpected places- it tells a story that is felt and experienced rather than simply observed. Look for Hanuman Dhoka, a royal palace built between 4th and 8th centuries AO; then check Durbar Square, a place where royal family lived until 19th century.

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Make sure not to miss Itum Bahal, the largest Buddhist monastery courtyard that would take you back to 14th century tranquil routine.

Get to Know the Gastric Preferences of the Nepalese

Whether in the Old Town, or anywhere you find yourself, simply grab something to eat! Nepalese food might resemble Indian and Chinese, but only before you the food is in your mouth. A must-try taste of authentic Nepalese cuisine is represented by Newari Khaja Set- a set of mouth-watering traditional dishes (meats, beans, veggies, soups, pickles) served with beaten rice.

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The dish got its name from Newari, authentic inhabitants of the modern Nepal. Another popular dish in Kathmandu is Mo Mo, something that resembles dumplings served with plenty of different chutneys (sauces). Visit the Shopping Paradise- Thamel This is a beautiful Asian paradise where bargaining is a must. Thamel is commercial neighbourhood of Kathmandu and is a perfect place for those looking for natural fabrics and clothes, colourful accessories and jewelry, pieces of art and unusual but very Nepalese souvenirs. But then, you probably will find just anything in Thamel. Bright, colourful, noisy and busy during the day, the full of bars and motels area turns into a warm and chill in the evening, offering a perfect shopping day in Kathmandu.

Attend a Workshop

As Kathmandu has such a rich history and heritage, spending a day or at least a couple of hours learning Nepalese traditions is more than just a wonderful idea. If you are a foodie, take a cooking class, learn how to cook what you have tasted earlier, buy spices, go back home and be a Nepalese whenever you feel like. If you are the artsy one, take a chance to learn painting thangka, Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton. Explore the traditional techniques along with the Nepalese ways of portraying the world.

Leave the City and See the Kathmandu Valley

Nothing can be more authentic than a village, a village in Nepal- even better. Head to Bungmati and Khokana, villages that date back to the 6th century and represent the Nepalese culture raw and untroubled by the city rush. Enjoy the greenery, try locally grown foods, meditate, give yourself up to a wood carving or sculpture class. Have rest and let yourself digest all the emotions For Kathmandu is big and rich, make sure your list is not restricted by what you have found on the Internet. Talk to the locals- they are the best guides and usually are very friendly. Ask them about their favourite places to eat and rest- this is the way to find more real experiences.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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