Exploit the Paris of the Middle East with Dubai Holiday Packages

Entertainment, gold and timeless deserts in Dubai are as endless as they are allure, with a wide range of cultural and modern activities, heavenly deserts, and the purest gold in abundance traveler in Dubai are sure to cherish their vacations in this astounding and shimmering city. Soak up the warm sun early in the morning or enjoy playing golf, for those with children, the water park is an ideal way to wear off excess energy and cool off at the same time; this enticing city has it all.

The bedazzling city of Dubai has been nicknamed as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ due to its fascinating charm, idiosyncratic culture and enthralling character that exudates a luxurious way of living that many vacation planners dream about. This city is thoroughly contrasting and provides a mesmerising sight to holiday makers. Here are some exhilarating options that you might consider when planning your vacations:

Dubai Creek cruises and rides: With get a chance to relish the sights of the most beautiful and picturesque location in the conurbation.

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It is a natural brine inlet cutting in the heart of the city. One can witness some of the most breath-taking views accompanied with a pulsating and colorful display of Arab Dhow and Abras(motor boats) and smooth yachts with splashing water gripping the foreign guests.

Dubai markets: Being in the mesmerising and fascinating city like Dubai one has ample of choices to calm the shopaholic animal with easy and relaxing retail therapy. This city houses wide range of different markets, all offering visitors a different experience.

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The Deira Covered Souk Market sells mainly Indian stuff and spices, henna tattoos, clothes and textiles all can all be purchased here. Gold Souk is famous for its gold with the whole street lambent with dazzling jewelry at bargain prices. So try your bargaining skills and shop till you drop with Dubai Holidays.

Beaches: Beach lover can book Cheap Dubai Holidays and enjoy basking the sun and sea at the most popular tourist beach, Jumeirah Beach. This beach houses many private resorts owning beach facade on the pale white sands that lead to the cerulean waters. The Al Mamzar nestled in Deira, is home to barbeque areas, playgrounds and food stalls all on the beach, which is often cited to as Palm Beach.

Desert safaris: A journey to the Gulf City is incomplete without exploring a massive sand dune. After booking with Dubai Holiday Packages enjoy this gold kissed land with a camel ride. One can try on some adventure sports such as sand surfing over the huge piles of red sand dune. After the sun sets enjoy the relaxing and calm evening by the campsite with Dubai food delicacies and some visual treat of authentic belly dancing, for which this gold city is famous for.

Skiing: The recent addition to the entertainment factor in this enchanting city is the indoor ski center established at the Mall of the Emirates shopping plaza. Activities like snowboarding and skiing at all levels can be enjoyed here by fun lovers from across the world on . There are wide ranges of equipment readily available for hire and purchase at the center. The -4°C temperature is often a welcome relief from the searing outdoor heat for the foreign guests.

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Exploit the Paris of the Middle East with Dubai Holiday Packages

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