Every High School Principal Should Say This

The presentation I watched is a video published by Prager university and narrated by Dennis Prager. The video is called: Every High School Principal Should Say This.” (Estrin, 2016). The point of the presentation was to demonstrate to principals how they should run a school by using a specific curriculum and how they should teach their students. This video discusses how schools should not focus on ethnicity, sexual orientation, and individualism. Dennis Prager talked about how his school would not be focused on identity politics, would have a serious dress code, and would focus only on American sports.

(Estrin, 2016).

Major Issue

The major issue that was talked about in this presentation was how the students should not think of each other based on race of sexual orientation but rather based on them as humans so that they will not be placed in a category. Prager talks about how the students will be judged by their scholarships and their character. (Estrin, 2016). Another issue that was addressed was how clubs based on sexual orientation and race cause narcissism.

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The clubs are meant to force students to think beyond themselves. The last main issue that was addressed was how it’s important to not protect students from failure. Prager wants his students to earn self-esteem instead of being handed it. One of the rules he made to apply this was by having only one valedictorians instead of eight. By doing so, you cause kids to work hard and earn what they want.

Qualitative and Quantitative

This presentation has both qualitative and quantitative research.

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One of the ways that Prager used qualitative was by using books and articles to discuss his point which allowed him to have statistical data. Prager also used Quantitative research by referencing an article when discussing language and how people should speak in English.

Non-Empirical Research

Prager discussed how a school should be run and talked about getting rid of specific extracurricular activities due to it causing narcissism and excluding people. He demonstrated how these activities exclude people without being able to back up how it excludes them.

Research Ethics

Prager didn’t make up any information or deceive anyone in the video. He spoke out based on his research and how he believes it to be true.

Estrin A. 2016. Every American needs to hear this speech: Every High School Principal Should

Say This. United States: Prager University. Available from https://www.prageru.com/courses/life-studies/every-american-needs-hear-speech

Updated: Apr 21, 2022
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