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The principal legal and corporate

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Essay, Pages 5 (1073 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1073 words)

Security is a vital issue in today’s business factors, and for Postoptics to be more competitive they will have to introduce a website which has been released in the year ’97 by the Yorkshire optician him self Trevor Rowley, whose high street shop specialises in contact lenses, has vastly expanded. This website has to be very detailed within information it gives about the company and its services making sure they are outlined very efficiently. Security for Postoptics is very important as any other organisation.

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The security purposes for Postoptics

For example the security purposes for Postoptics can be that they have to secure the website for any misuse hackers or any other members that could attend to hack into the website, into the more personal uses. The web page designers should also include who has designed the site for Postoptics, so it must make sure that the website is secure when information is passed along to the company and confidential so that information is passed to the correct people, as the website has contact addresses and many other relevant information.

Since the company has grown within the past few years and is still growing even from now on the e-commerce industry has been extremely high with extreme big names such as buy. com. Postoptics also have there own company name on there own personal website which is postoptics. co. uk. This web address also needs to be secure so that other members or even hackers won’t be able to change the name, as it is initially very important to the company, and to its customers and also for the marketing/advertising and promotional department too.

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Data Protection Act

Under the rules of the Data Protection Act it states that all companies should not be aloud to give out any illegal software or information what so ever. No matter whatever the circumstances are, as a very big company in the options industry Postoptics must make sure that they follow the guidance and rules under the Act and that they are not doing or allowing anything illegal to be passed within the company and outside as it can lead to extreme measures.

All information and relevant data is kept secure within the company sites, and should not be passed along to misuse’s as the information can be passed on to its competitors, given their competitors a backbone to level there performances with Postoptics. Copyright. Like all companies Postoptics must make sure that their website and any other private information such as financial books must all be rights reserved. This helps the company be more secure in obtaining its data, and if any other hacker did get hold of the information, then therefore Postoptics can take the hacker to court in the law of copyright. Health and safety.

Health and safety within any organisation is very important. For example the health and safety situation in the Postoptics company would be that they would have to make sure that all customers get good eye treatment and the right lenses. Also in relation to information technology and e-commerce on the company website there are solutions for eyes, which can be very helpful to customers and outsiders. This is another good way for the company to advertise and also build a good business letting customers know all the health and safety issues on eyes.

Regulations on E-commercial activities.

This section is very important to the company.

Postoptics must make sure that before releasing the website, there must be regulations which contain a set of legal requirements for commercial web sites covering all aspects of usability and commercial communication. These regulations are intended to cover purchases of goods on-line as well as commercial services offered on the web in order to protect consumers. For example if Postoptics were to sell products online which they have start doing, what ever the price would be online must be the same as in the shop so its doesn’t confuse the customer and this is also another good way of advertising its products.

There are also transactions completions, which are, to date; web site shopping baskets have had disgracefully poor usability for most companies, especially in terms of completing the purchases forms online. The aspect of new regulations requires that consumers must be provided with clear descriptions of the different ways in which on-line transactions can be completed which is very important to the company. If something goes wrong with transactions the company may loose customers, which is also not good for the business.

More importantly, the website must be effective and accessible and the means of correcting input errors prior to completion of the order when placed online. On all rules and regulations in terms of commercial communication the company must provide on the website the name of the company, geographical addresses, any sort of contact addresses such as email and a company logo as this will create a brand image. The geographical and contact addresses must be very efficient as they are commercial and should be user friendly.

Postoptics has clearly stated that the addresses and contact information so that the consumer will have nothing to worry about. The website is user friendly and all information is referred to the eye care, contact lenses and any other information about eyes that Postoptics specialises in.

EU directives

The regulations European directives have a big part in the e-commerce industry. The aims of the regulations are to establish a common standard for e-commerce within the European Union.

This is to provide protection to customers when they purchase on the web. This is initially important to Postoptics as their customers do purchase from the Postoptics personal website, so therefore this will help Postoptics satisfy its customers, as they will be aware that they are protected if they were entitled to purchase any product from Postoptics. Legislation on employment. The company must make sure that everybody within the company has a right to a fair job and good treatment.

All the employees should be treated the same, and trained the same, there should be no unfair justice. Postoptics has the effectiveness care of its employees, as it is aware of the businesses success and the initial hard work from its employees, either it be the product designers, or the options them selves. The employees working with Postoptics will feel securer known that they are covered equally to any other staff or member within the Postoptics Ltd Company.

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