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Ethnic Conflict

Categories: Conflict

Ethnic Conflicts are a very important issue that can affect a whole country/state. Ethnic conflicts within a state belong to identity conflicts that are a type of internal conflicts. Sometimes the term ethnic conflict is used to describe a large range of internal conflicts .Before talking about ethnic conflict, it is important to know the meaning of ethnicity. . Ethnic groups usually have collectivity or psychological communities who share a combination of historical experience and valued cultural traits – beliefs, culture and religion, language, ways of life, a common homeland .

Ethnic conflicts can be defined as conflicts between ethnic groups within a multi-ethnic state, which have been going on some time. Many ethnic conflicts result in a significant loss of life, a serious denial of basic human rights and considerable material destruction, some escalating into inter ethnic or internal war. The desire for secession or independence from an existing state, the demand for greater power within a state, or recognition and protection of minority interest within a society are three general issues of ethnic conflicts.

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An ethnic conflict is usually between two major groups fighting for the power or sovereignty of a country, state, or territory.

The protagonists in the most intense ethnic conflicts want to establish their independence . A minority group might insist on seceding and establishing its own independent state. It might demand an independent state within a confederation of states, or might insist on an independent political entity within a new federal structure. The antagonist ethnic groups will not be able to agree on new constitutional ideas or a peaceful separation because the group does not want to lose its power over the other group.

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These kind of ethnic disputes consequently become violent, some escalate into all out war which tears the country/state apart.

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Ethnic Conflict

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