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Free Social Essay on Racial Profiling

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Essay, Pages 4 (839 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (839 words)

The problem of biased attitude to people with different skin color, religious views, representatives of other subcultures is ongoing and pervasive. Although nowadays self-conscious nations try to alleviate this question by raising its importance publically, it is not eradicated from its core. Race-obsessed societies have different preconceptions that people who are not like them in phenotype are bad-tempered and ill-mannered. Minorities are accused of crimes which they haven’t committed just due to unwritten racial profiling law. People cannot be judged by their appearance, and this social issue should be discussed more openly all over the world.

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The racial profiling essay sample focuses on investigating the term racial profiling and problem of the profiling law enforcement in America and other countries.

Racial profiling is the term which denotes identifying people who are representatives of the exact race using the stereotypical thinking about this race as the lower one instead of considering individual approach to each person. The monoracial preaching purists blame the minorities in terrorism, smuggling, drug use, illegal acts.

Communities which are under suspicion are mainly Afro-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Arabs. Various countries have already raised the problem of ethnic profiling (which is synonymic to the same notion) to the level of locality and state. Such discrimination is more commonly noticeable in the United States of America, several European countries.

The question is why such minorities earned this negative reputation and bigoted attitude. One of the answers is hidden in the waves of migration which was caused to find political asylum.

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The European world wasn’t ready for such a considerable amount of people who wanted to find a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, and all the other vital amenities. It is said that there is no smoke without fire. Unfortunately, not all migrants behave properly and cause real mess within the country, provoke inner-city unrest. For instance, contemporary Milan has become very dirty because the migrants wreak chaos and don’t leave the territory clean. Minorities don’t have where to live, therefore their depression leads to committing petty crimes. Even if other representatives of the same ethnic group or race behave well, the stereotypes have been already created.

There are lots of critics of the racial profiling claiming that we cannot judge people on the basis of preconceptions and biased treatment. Various non-profit organizations appear all over the USA. These volunteer associations argue that by encouraging racial profiling based on law enforcement, we neglect the fundamental human rights and human freedom which should be protected by Constitution.

Advocates of equal rights blame mass media for playing the negative role in deteriorating the conflict. Press, TV news, talk shows aim at attracting the audience without thinking about the deleterious consequences on the minorities. Sometimes even the information which is shared via mass media is not relevant and is based on prejudice. By encouraging social exclusion of certain races, media spread moral panic and adverse treatment to the minorities. There was an interesting discovery proving that media influence the public mind. If people begin criticizing ethnic discrimination, the problem is discussed within media coverage in a blaming tone regarding biased police officers. When everything calms down, the number of unwarranted arrests increase immensely.

The representatives of Afro-Americans who drive cars claim that police officers pull them over due to the color of skin. However, the officers state that it is difficult to identify the skin color of a person sitting in the car during the nighttime. This hypothesis is called the veil of darkness, and if police officers stop the drivers of a particular race because of prejudicial attitudes, officers are involved in the racial profiling. There was one study conducted by two men from California. They wanted to investigate whether this veil of darkness hypothesis is real in their hometown. The experiment proved that there were cases of racial profiling, but there was not enough evidence to label this phenomenon as tendency.

The racial profiling essay proves that the problem of racist beliefs is attaining worldwide prominence. Throughout the whole time of human existence, people haven’t found compromise on the issue of racism. Human rights and freedom should be equal to every human being, and each person should be treated individually. Sometimes white people are more aggressive and evil than representatives of other races. And occasionally black people act violently and commit awful crimes. The way how person behaves is not influenced by his or her skin color, religion, ethnicity or any other external characteristics. Person’s individual inner inclinations should be considered, and we all should distinguish those issues. It is not our phenotypic differences which determine our behavior but our characters and upbringing. Therefore, there should be no place for racial profiling or other types of stereotypical attitude in our modern-day and highly spiritually developed world.


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