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Essay On Green

If we judge the colour green from the colour psychology perspective, we learn that green balances the heart and emotions and thus create the equilibrium in heart and brain. From the meaning of colour perspective, green is the symbol of growth, colour of spring and symbolizes renewal and rebirth. It is the sanctuary away from the complexity and stresses of the modern lives and the tranquility of the calm, fresh and greener area.

I have my wall painted in green colour and it is generally believed that green is an eye friendly colour unlike red. The mild green colour is a popular colour which does not look too violent or too dull. I liked this colour even in my childhood and that I can be sure from the dominant green usages in my childhood paints. My teachers sometimes laughed at my weakness on green colour when I painted a green sun and green moon. I still remember I pained a green alien and that painting became very famous among our friends.

I am not quite sure how my fascination started growing on green colour but I guess I started liking this colour as I had spent my childhood in an area where green was the most dominating colour. This was the colour of nature and I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. I noticed in my childhood that green is the colour for living and yellow and red means dying, specifically for the trees and plants I had. May be this idea influenced my preference of colour. May be this choice is not directly related to any of my experience and reflected in a later stage as part of my individuality and personal preference. Whatever is the reason, I guess Green is a colour of profound importance and is my favourite colour.

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