Essay about Genghis Khan as My Hero in History

I am choosing to write my paper about Genghis Khan. I am choosing to write about Genghis Khan because I am fascinated about how he created one of the biggest empires in history even though he grew up as poor and in poverty and how became a military genius and how conquered so many people in his lifetime. I also find the Mongolian empire fascinating because how well run it was and I find the 1200s time period that the empire around interesting.

The empire stretched over all of Asia and into Europe which means it was massive and I find it amazing how one man good be brilliant enough to conquer most of Asia and western Europe.

Genghis Khan was born in the year 1162 his month and day of birth is unknown he was raised in poverty and grew up foraging for food and living very poorly he gained followers because of being a great warrior and started taking over other tribes in the area one of them eventually after he conquered neighboring tribes.

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He started to make conquests all over Asia and into Europe after years of fighting

and taking over countries. He gained good will when he reopened the silk road which increased the movement of technology and ideas around the empire and out of the empire. Genghis Khan helped these trade routes become safer and the mongolian empire prospered and it helps the army expensive army that he had been paid with the goods that were brought back.

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In this way the soldiers remained loyal and the army got new ideas for warfare from the territories that they conquered which helped them conqueror even more territories because the learned new and very effective ways to defeat his enemies.

Genghis Khan was a great ruler and people with different religions loved him because he allowed religious freedom and had conversations with many of the religious leaders of the time. This policy helped him in his campaigns because when he was fighting with a Muslim ruler other Muslims did not think of it as a holy war and they did come to the aid of the king. Ghengis khan was a good ruler but he could also be very ruthless and he slaughtered the people who opposed him. he was feared all around Eurasia and had a great reputation for being a killer Historians think that in his lifetime he killed more than forty million people from all over Asia and Europe.

Genghis Khan gained fierce loyalty from his generals under his command. Most of them used to be his enemies who fought brave in battle against his army and were promoted to generals for it. An example of one of his most famous generals that fought with him for a very long time was an archer of an enemy tribe and shot Genghis Khan’s his horse from under him when he Genghis Khan defeated the enemy army he asked who shot his horse the archer bravely stepped forward, impressed with the bravery of the archer he made him into one of his generals. Most of his generals had the same story and they had fierce loyalty to their leader and they won many battles for him in many campaigns.

Genghis Khan was a considered a horrible person but he was also a military genius for many reasons an example of this is how he helped make great advances in warfare of the time he revolutionized the use of psychological warfare to help defeat his enemies. Genghis Khan took control of many cities because he used fear as a weapon. Genghis sometimes slaughtered a whole cities population and then burned them down, he then threatened to do the same to the cities he was attacking to make then surrender to him. He also used captives from the enemies as human shields and made them dress up as Mongol warriors so the enemy would kill there own comrades in battle. these tactics served him well and hundreds of cities fell to him just by using their fear as a weapon. he was considered one of the most brilliant military leaders in that time period.

Genghis Khan controlled many territories and was just to the people if they obeyed him. He created a strict code of lays to keep order and because he controlled so much land that he had to use governor’s to control and govern different parts of the mongol empire they were there to collect taxes, get recruits for the army and other matters but they all reported to Khan. Genghis he was not lenient to his enemies and killed almost anyone that got in his way an example of this is when one of the kingdoms he controlled refused to provide soldiers for his army he marched on it and crushed the city but on the way he fell off his horse and got internal injuries he went on with the campaign and he died from his injuries August 18, 1227 just before his army crushed the rebellious kingdom.

As you can see, Genghis Khan was a very important figure in history. Mostly in Mongolian history but also in history in general. He revolutionized warfare. He created one of the biggest empires ever and it affected the regions he took over in many good and bad ways. Historians sometimes thought of him as a hero and some thought he was villain either way he was a man who was very accomplished and created an Empire that lasted for 100s of years and his descendants ruled for avery long time and mongolia is still a country today

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