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English and International Integration

Categories: English

International integration is a process by which countries remove barriers to trade freely and absorb new technology, new culture… outside national borders. In the integration period, English is considered a bridge linking countries together. Nowadays, nearly 4 billion people all over the world use English as their first or second languages. Fluency in English has become an indispensable skill in the context of economic integration today.

In my opinion, English not only helps you to extend the scope of communication but it also brings you many other benefits.

Firstly, mastering English allows people to be kept informed of the latest news about fashion , sports, science or politics. For example; 80% of the Websites on the Internet in English and popular Newsletters on TV like BBC or CNN in English. You can update the newest fashion style of the week, the hottest news about a football match at the World Cup or the latest information of the upcoming Iphone. That’s why you easily become fashionable as long as you use English.

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Secondly, English offers you great chances for career promotion. Thanks to the International integration, many foreign companies have invested in our countries. They also join Vietnamese companies to do business. So English competence is the priority for big companies to hire staffs as well as considering employees for higher positions. Although there’s no official statistics on the correlation between English proficiency and wages, it’s pretty clear that the oppotunities always open wider for English candidates. Therefore, learning English is very important in the age of integration .

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And I don’t hesitate to share some tips on English learning with you . 1. Spend at least one hour everyday listening to news or discussion programs such as CNN news or BBC news. It’s hard to understand what they are saying when you first begin to listen to them, but gradually you’ll get used to the speed and tone. Then you can get a brief idea of what they are talking about, although you can’t get all the details.

2. Watch some English TV and listen to some English radio. TV and radio are the best and most inexpensive teachers to learn real English. Not only you can learn formal English from news or debate TV programs, but you can also learn everyday English from soap operas, cartoons or comedies. 3. Spend more than two hours every day on reading English news or articles. Reading builds up your vocabulary, idioms, phrases, and the concepts of English structures. If you do enough reading, it will save you a lot of time since you won’t need to spend more time on building your vocabulary or grammar. Read out loud when you do your reading to improve your pronunciation at the same time. 4. Make some pen pals or native-English friends and write to them at least once everyday. The best way to improve your writing is to practice writing as much as you can. The more you write the more you know how to use what you’ve learned from reading and listening. 5. Make friends with speakers.

This is the most difficult task because of the difference in culture, but you can’t really master English unless you can have good conversations with an American or Briton. Remember to ask a lot of questions to keep the conversation going. When someone asks you a question, give more than just basic information. For example, if someone asks you “Do you like living here?” don’t just answer “Yes” or “No,” but tell them why, too. 6. Think in English. Getting used to using English all the time will make it easier to listen and react with it. Follow these small tips can make it easier for you to learn English. In conclusion, eventhough English has already played an important role in our lives since Viet Nam was a full member of the WTO. This, may somehow, affect Vietnamese. But to catch up with the speed of the world’s development, we need to take the risk, learning English as much as we can, and not forgetting to keep the beauty of Vietnamese.

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