End plate connection Steel beam to steel column

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       An end plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) is a type of connection used in steel structures. In this type of steel connection, a piece of steel known as the end plate is fixed onto a column and a steel beam is bolted to it. This type of connection is mainly used in purely steel structures. The end plate can either be fixed onto the column using bolts or it can also be welded (Wagner, 1993). After the end plate is fixed onto the column using bolts, it may be welded to improve its strength depending on the type of structure under construction.

       There are a number of materials or components that are used in an end plate-steel beam to steel column connection. To begin with, there is steel column that is usually fixed to the ground. These columns act as the skeleton or foundation upon which the entire structure is based. It is worthy noting that the column should be strong enough to support the weight of the entire structure.

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The second components of an end plate connection-Steel beam to steel column are steel beams that are usually fixed to the columns. The main function of the beams is to reinforce the columns. Moreover, the beams also act as the base on which floors are laid. The other component of an end plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) is bolts which are mainly to fix or attach the beam to the end plate (Ashby & Jones, 1992). In addition, the bolts are also used to fix the end plate onto the column before welding is done.

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Steel nuts are the other components that are used in an end plate -Steel beam to steel column. Nuts are mainly used to tighten the beams and end plate onto the columns. Moreover, they are also used to fasten the beam onto the end plate. In construction, this type of connection is used in relatively small structures. This is because the strength of this type of connection largely depends on the strength of the end plate.

  • The End plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) has a number of advantages compared to other types steel connections.
  • It is more economical compared to the types of steel connections. This is because the beam is just cut to the required length.
  • Secondly, the end plate connection is advantageous because they are easy to erect due to the setback dimension.
  • Thirdly, this type of connection relatively strong and can support a lot of weight.
  • This type of connection is more durable is it is given proper care and maintenance.

(Ashby & Jones, 1992)

       There is one main reason why the end plate connection (steel beam to steel column) is adequate for a steel structure. To start with, steel structures are lighter compared to concrete ones. Consequently, end plate connection (steel beam to steel column) can comfortably support a steel structure for a long time.

       The first major problem associated with the End plate connection (Steel beam to steel column) is that it is susceptible to corrosion. If nothing is done, corrosion hugely affects the strength and durability of the end plate connection. Moreover, the strength of any steel structure can be negati8vely affected if it is exposed to too much heat (Wagner,1993). The general maintenance carried out to this type of connection is painting to control rusting and tightening bolts to ensure that beams remain in place.


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End plate connection Steel beam to steel column

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