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Employee turnover

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The ratio of the number of employees a company

This refers to the ratio of the number of employees a company ought to replace in a specific period of time as compared to the average number of the total employees. This turn over is experienced mostly in the lower paying job groups. This often results in increased expenses for the company.

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This is because hiring a new employee involves the placing of an advertisement, hiring new training, not to mention the loss of productivity that is incurred in the process of head hunting for new employees.

Internal or external employee turnover

Employee turnover can be either internal or external. Internal turnover is when an employee leaves their current position to take another position within the same organization. External turnover is when an employee leaves their current position in an particular organization or company to take up a new position in another company. External turnovers are the ones that often result in costly expenses for the company. At this juncture it is important to point out that turnover can either be voluntary or involuntary.

Voluntary turnover

Voluntary turnover is when the employee decides to terminate their contract willingly while involuntary turnover is when the employee has no choice in their termination for example in cases of long term absence due to illness death or employer-initiated termination. Whether termination is voluntary or not, it still results in a loss for the organization due to reduced productivity. The major cause of employment turnover in a company or organization is conflicts in the work place.

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This is because the conflicts make the employees less motivated about their current jobs and therefore when they get a more lucrative offer elsewhere they just leave. Conflicts result in a reduction in the morale, reduced work productivity, increased absenteeism and can also lead to confrontation of a big magnitude that can lead to fatal and serious crimes. These outcomes have generally a negative effect on the organization’s productivity and a far-reaching effect on its performance.

Two kinds of conflict

There are two kinds of conflict that can exist in a work place. They are interpersonal conflicts and team conflicts. Interpersonal conflicts exist on a face-to-face level for example between one employee and the other. Team conflicts are usually experienced where a large group of employees are concerned for example between different departments in an organization (Daniel, 2001) Conflicting needs is a very common cause of distress in work stations.

These needs can vary from office stationary, furniture or even the boss’ time. When these needs are not met it results in resentment for those who are in a position to access this limited resources. A need for recognition by higher authorities also creates conflicts when the employee realizes that there is a bias in the recognition of hard working employees. The second cause in conflicting perceptions whereby an employees misconstrue another’s words or actions leading to resentment and conflict.

The employee’s goals may also conflict

This can happen when say two employees are assigned the same task but they want to do them differently so that each can achieve their specific goals. Pressure at work is another cause. In many organizations employees work on very strict deadlines. This naturally creates mental tension which results in very short tension which results in very short tempers with the employees acting rashly at the slightest provocation.

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