Effects of Social Media

Cattail Hare come 107 Mr.. August Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media Social media is everywhere. Every day, thousands of people are logging on to social networking websites People talk the social media slang without even knowing it these days. Our world revolves around Backbone, Twitter and other social media sites. Like every coin has two sides even this has Its own pro's and con's. One thing that users may not realize Is the effect that social media Is having on society There are some positive effects of social networking.

Some social networking sites are used a way to display ones creativity.

Twitter allows users to customize their colors and change the background. Blobbing websites have made it easy for a user to post customizable blobs and choose the things they want shared. The biggest networking site, Backbone. Allows a user to post a picture of their choice to the top of their profile. Besides what users are customizing, the site also serves as a form of self expression.

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A user might notice that one person posts quotes, while one always posts funny things, some may cost about everyday life and some post song lyrics that they may like.

Users use their online profile as a way to reflect themselves. Social media has also helped users to connect to people around the world and bring some closer to others then they were before. It helps people become aware of things tat happen all throughout the world, rather than relying on the news later that night to see it.

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They see pictures and news about events almost Immediately When the earthquake in Halt hit. People were able to the damaging effects right away. One person near the accident could "tweet" about hat Just happened and it would spread worldwide, making everyone aware.

Social networking is connecting users everywhere, and spreading kindness and knowledge worldwide. It allows users to overcome the distance put between them, and lets them unite together. Sites allow people to connect with others that they wouldn't contact in person, but makes It easier through the site. It gives users a more open attitude about others and really allows them to get to know others, which they wouldn't have done before. A negative effect of social media is bullying. The number of children Ewing shipbuilder is 'creasing, as the social networking sites are becoming more and more popular.

Accessibility can be sending threatening messages, positing embarrassing pictures of others, or spreading rumors. Accessibility Is becoming big because networking sites make It easier for someone to start drama, tell lies or say hurtful things, because nobody Is there to tell them to stop. Rather than a confrontation in person, users hide behind their computer screen and cellophane. With Just one click, an embarrassing photo or rumor can be spread to thousands worldwide. Social media has it's good effects and it's bad effects.

Whether it causes users harm or brings them together is up to the user to let it hurt them or help them If people are using social media sites Just to stalk people's profile pictures, make fun of them, post embarrassing stories about each others personal lives, or start networking to get to know each other, celebrate each others differences, and learn from one another, users could really make a positive difference with them. The effect that social media has on society is entirely up to those who use it and how they use it.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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