Effects of Prosopis Farcta Root Extract in the Vascular Reactivity


From the Global Burden of Disease Study's survey, it is apparent that the cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) mainly the heart disease and stroke result in an increasing number of death all over the world and regardless of progression in biology and medicinal efforts for improving the diagnosis and therapeutic strategies over the past 20 years, CVDs remain to be a main global health problem [1], so increasing the number of patients suffering from the CVDs is a key indicator for the invention of the innovative strategies to be most effective with lesser side effects in the treating and preventing the CVDs [2].

Nowadays, the modern costly curative synthetic remedies associated with multiple side effects resulting in patient non-compliance, therefore there is a need to explore some alternative remedies especially from plants and herbal based formulations as are less cost-effective and possess minimal side effects [3]. For controlling and treating various diseases because of their remarkable pharmacological actions with no or rare side effects when used at a specific dose [4], and in general many secondary metabolites from plants [5] including alkaloids, flavonoid, tannins, phenolic compounds, steroids, resins, fatty acids, and gums regarded as an important bioactive compounds of the plant extracts that are capable of producing significant physiologic effects in the body [6].

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Prosopis farcta regarded to be one of the important local plants with a great value for medicinal purposes [7], leaves and bean extracts of this plant gained the commonest use in traditional medicine [8]. From surveying literature it was revealed the use of P. farcta for treating many neurological diseases and disorders [9, 10], and it has anti-inflammatory effects, gastric ulcers treatment, fetus abortion, dysentery, arthritis, heart pains, and asthma [11].

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Extracts of P. farcta tended to be with famous use for treating diabetes and its complication, as it is widely used by the general for healing lesions in Iran particularly in Sistan-Baluchistan zone especially healing processes of diabetic wounds through speeding up the inflammation, cell proliferation and hypoglycemia [12], without any academic confirmation, its extract used to treat diabetes by the tribal people in Jordan [13] and this hypoglycemic activity may due to the containing of a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids with linoleic, oleic acids as well as ?-sitosterols [14] and flavonoids which inhibit the activity of cAMP phosphodiesterase, accompanied by an insulin secretion which in turn subsequently reduces glucose level [15].

Phytochemical investigations have been demonstrated that the flavonoids are the main active constituent of P. farcta [16, 17]. Quercetin (flavonoids), tryptamine, apigenin 5-hydroxytryptamine (alkaloids), L-arabinose, and lectin regarded to be the most active compounds that exist in different parts of the Prosopis plant [16, 18], and the vicenin-2, apigenin C-glycoside, iso-orientin, vitexin, luteolin 7-O-glucoside, isovitexin, quercetin 3-O-glucoside, rutin, kaempferol 3-O-rutonoside, caffeic acid derivative, and luteolin are strong antioxidant phenolics of the plant [16], and this antioxidant activity of P. farcta played a significant role in improving the serum lipid parameters in hypercholesterolemic rabbits [19].

The flavonoids in P. farcta act as a strong antioxidant and decreased total cholesterol, triglyceride, malondialdehyde, and increased HDL-C in a tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity rats [20] with no change in HDL in acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in Wister rats [21]. For this, P. farcta has long been used as a traditional remedy for angina pectoris [22], and as a therapeutic agent in treating cardiovascular disorders [23], reducing cardiac or chest pain and for managing cardiovascular disorder in Iran [19].

Different parts from different species of this plant contains an enormous concentration of quercetin which acts as an excellent scavenger for collecting and removing free radicals [24], through which protect cellular damage against any oxidative stress including reactive oxygen species (ROS) [25] and regenerate the injured pancreatic islets in diabetic models and probably increases insulin release in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats [26]. In a recent study, the potential ability of Prosopis farcta revealed in treating colon cancer through synthesizing gold nanoparticle (Au-NPs) that capable to destroy colon cancer lines and thus regarded to be a suitable candidate for cancer treatment[27]. Since a toxicological point of view, is that it is important to remark the capability of some species of Prosopis to accumulate heavy metals like chromium, lead, arsenic, cadmium, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc [28].

The present study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of P. farcta root extract in coronary artery vascular reactivity and find out the possible mechanisms of the extract in interfering with different potassium, calcium channels blockers and the EDRFs and EDHF in coronary arteries.

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Effects of Prosopis Farcta Root Extract in the Vascular Reactivity
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