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Educational In Cambodia

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (383 words)
Categories: Education, High school, School
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Education is extremely crucial ways to train and build up human resources for development of each nation and it is likewise important for advancement of child as individual. However, educational system in Cambodia has actually suffered excessive throughout Khmer Rouge Routine from 1975 to 1979. After that period, the federal government has tried to improve it by complied and worked together with external aid and non-governmental organization (NGOs). According to the Cambodian constitution, it states that “the state shall supply totally free primary and secondary education to all people in public school.

Citizens will receive education for a minimum of seven years”. Nowadays, though the pupils have no pay the charge, they still need to invest money on other things such as stationery, textbooks, contribution cost and so on. Additionally, some provinces students are asked to invested cash to teacher for fee; this is the issue that avoid student from bad households from attending school.

About a half a million Cambodian children from 6 to 11 years old have no access to school, then 50percent of those who entered grade one dropped out of school and had to repeat the class.

Those problems are caused by video games, karaoke and the presence of brothel for the students in city, and for female pupils, they could not attend school because of many problems. First, parents are poor, so they cannot provide children to learn and sometime they need their children, especially the girls, to earn money to support the family. Second, the schools are located too far away from their house. Only boy can go to school at some distance from home because they have given accommodation in pagodas near the school. The last one is some parents do not understand about the important of education, so they do not allow their children to attend school.

Moreover, the ministry of education has not provided adequate education for minority children. Many children cannot access to school, and there is no provision for schooling in minority languages except for classes provided by private ethic associations. Even though some organizations co-operated with government to provide school for those, this effort is not yet enough. Then, the quality of education in Cambodia is very poor, especially in remote area such as Kompongthom, Kompongcham, Ratanakiri province and so on.

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