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Edgar Allan Poe Essays

The Top 22 Edgar Allan Poe Topics

Edgar Allan Po is an American writer, poet, literary critic and editor, a spokesman of American romanticism. He is a creator of the form of modern detective and genre of psychological prose. He occupies a special place in the word’s literature, that’s why sometimes we need to write good essay topics or argumentative essay examples on topic about Edgar Alan Poe. If you’re reading our article, you’re lucky, because we want to introduce you to the most persuasive essay topics about great detective:

  1. The complexities of love, identity and reason are summed up in an ethos of Romantic transcendence in which Poe lets his characters search for forms of unity with the beloved dead/dead beloved.
  2. A Psycho-Analytical Study of Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Poe's philosophy of composition.
  4. Poe's poetics and literary/critical environment.
  5. Grotesques and Arabesques - from ornamental to literary category.
  6. Examples of Poe's Romanticism.
  7. Poe's narratives may be read as love stories, but they always embody a 'higher' theme which can be variously expressed as a discussion of identity, and/or a battle between reason and that which lies beyond reason.
  8. The structure and psychology of love in narratives.
  9. Love as a theme is easily embodied in narratives, because our perception of love is always expressed in the shape of a story.
  10. Poe’s ideal concerning the function of various literary genres is founded in a calculation of effects upon his readership of certain topics, themes and styles.
  11. The structures of love's narrative in Poe (Love in Poe).
  12. Coherences in Poe's oeuvre - a taxonomy of themes.
  13. How did Poe affect the Romantic Period?
  14. In many of Poe’s stories, the violence is more suggestive than revolting. Is this psychological approach more or less effective?
  15. Does all of this madness say something about Poe’s view of the world?
  16. Did Poe intend for this tales of death, mourning, and horror to be taken completely seriously?
  17. Poe’s ideas are directly credited in hundreds of film and television productions. Why has he had such an effect on popular entertainment?
  18. Poe often writes about the death of a beautiful woman. His own wife was ill for most of their marriage and died at a young age. How might this affect the emotional intensity of his writing?
  19. Dreams are a common theme in Poe’s works. How does this tie into his psychological themes?
  20. Has anyone had any experiences that relate to places or experiences in the book?
  21. Do you feel that Poe relates to his deranged narrators?
  22. Poe had a lot of ending twists were you surprised by any of them?

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