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Edgar Allan Poe Essay Examples

Essay on Edgar Allan Poe

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Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

To make a long story short, the use of an unnamed, unstable, first-person narrator in "The Tell-Tale Heart" achieves a few main points.. In particular, this point of view allows the reader to understand why it was told in this manner. It was told in this manner because the murderer is trying to claim his sanity in the beginning by staying calm and collected, yet towards the end it is apparent that...

About Revenge Essay

Sanders, Katie. “Revenge gone wrong: Teen driver crashes into New Port Richey home.” Tampa Bay Times. 05 Mar. 2010. Web 06 Dec. 2013. This article reports a case of revenge gone wrong in the form of a girl attempting to throw eggs at an ex-boyfriend's car and causing a lot of property damage in the process. This information is used in the essay’s paragraph that explains how revenge can go wr...

The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe

The Cask of Amontillado is a great piece written by the author Edgar Allen Poe. It may not be his most famous work, but nonetheless, it’s still great. I think that he was able to capture each literary element to its full potential, and made it easy to find within the reading. If I were to be asked out of all the stories we have read this semester, which one is the best, I would say this one in a...

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Short Story The Pit and The Pendulum

Free!- I had but escaped death in one form of agony, to be delivered unto worse..." However, when he gives up all hope at the end of the story, he is surprised to have been saved by General Lasalle. The sick recognition of irony supports themes such as terror and cruelty by showing how the character succeeds only to fail, just to be saved in the end. In conclusion, Poe does an impeccable job at d...

‘The Tell Tale Heart’ : Is He Truly Insane

Due to many pieces of evidence, it is highly evident that the narrator in the short story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ is in fact, insane. It is clear that he insane because he watched the old man sleep for countless days, cut up the corps of the old man and placed it underneath the boards of the floor, and claimed he heard the heartbeat of the old man once he was dead. All these opinions that are st...

The tell-tale heart, An allegorical reading

Moreover, the narrator’s “sense of hearing acute” (42) is a relevant hint that he is unable or unwilling to distinguish reality from fantasy. It is pure lunacy for the narrative to say that he had heard the old man’s “groan of mortal terror... that arises from the bottom of the soul” (43) and to hear the victim’s heartbeat after his murder. Furthermore, throughout the story, the old ...

Tone and Mood

Tone and mood are very important when it come to readign and understanding literature. They give the reader a better sense of what is going on in the story, how characters and the author feel, and how they themselves feel about what they are reading. Tone and mood, because they are constantly given throughout the story, they help you better understand contex, setting, character,and how you are sup...

Content Analysis of Sionil Jose Novel

This study is theoretically anchored in New Historicism theory which states that there is a connection between the historical background of the place where the author originated or resided from and his literary works, the former being useful to understanding the latter. In this study, the researchers will investigate on the relationship between the journalistic experiences of selected Filipino fic...

Comparison of Two Poe's Short Stories

Poe masters the gothic genre very well by creating this fearful environment; even making the home a frightening place in the “Tell-Tale Heart”, whereas he makes irrational pets rational and makes the narrators irrational murdersrelationship turned upside down again, this time regarding outwardly behavior. He changes the abilities of human nature in the big whole, which makes the stories a b...

Narration and Tone in The Tell Tale Heart, The Ghost in the Mill, and Cannibalism in the Cars

The victims taste was given personal attributes such as “the next morning we had Morgan of Alabama for breakfast. He was one of the finest men I ever sat down to –handsome, educated, refined…a perfect gentleman, and singularly juicy” (116). Just like in “The Tell Tale Heart”, this story is straight forward and quickly goes from mysterious to overt honesty. Unlike “The Tell Tale Heart...

Critical Lens Essay Quote

“The Scarlet Ibis” supports this quote because the narrator of the story is embarrassed to be with his brother Doodle because he is unable to walk. “The Cask of Amontillado” also supports this quote because the narrator of the story is imperfect because he is using reverse psychology to kill the man named Fortunato. This issue can connect to the real world because not only are characters f...

“Summer Solstice” by Nick Joaquin

This exchange of verbal punches and uppercuts continued until Doña Lupeng was declared victor by a whooping K.O. Don Paeng eventually surrendered his highly-priced male pride to crawl like a lizard and kiss the feet of Doña Lupeng. FEMININITY WON!!! This is the end of one of the most intoxicating short-stories I have ever read. What can I expect from a Nick Joaquin anyway? Intoxicating elixirs a...

Presence of Death in Literature

New York: Norton, 1992 The Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet" was helpful for my essay because it was one of the plays I used to link to the presence of death. In addition, “Romeo and Juliet” is home to the most famous death in literature and had to be inserted in my essay. William Shakespeare, ed. A. C. Bradley. Shakespearean tragedy: Macbeth. New York: Penguin, 1991. The Shakespeare play ...

Compare/Contrast Works of Edgar Allan Poe

Although the men in these two stories are similar because they both mourn for their loved ones, they are also different. The man in "The Raven" may be sad about his lost, but his love cannot compare to that of the man in "Annabel Lee”.In these two short stories, the two main characters, as mentioned before, are very much alike, yet at the same time different. They both lose the woman of their li...

Mines by Susan Straight Author Report

While a student at the University of Massachusetts, Susan did study with James Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin is known for his activism, in the civil rights movement, as well as his writing on African American life in the United States. When Susan got to the University of Massachusetts, she had been “a sportswriter and editor, and I’d only been writing fiction for a year.” Mr. Baldwin would assist Sus...

Poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

The raven is trying to tell him "she shall press, ah, nevermore", but he thinks the bird is lying because his grief is so great, and he doesn't believe that Lenore's death is final. When he realized that the raven is trying to tell him that her death is final, he becomes angry and upset. He begs the raven to tell him if she is in heaven, whill the angels love her and take care of her the way she s...

Analysis of Short Story The Oval Portrait

To put it briefly, "The Oval Portrait" is a very mysterious, dark, and creepy story. The life that the young painter takes from his wife illuminates the painting. But in the end, she bears the tragic consequences of her husband's love for his art and her own love for him. Through this story it becomes obvious that love triangles are dangerous to life, as are vampires and society itself. This story...

Single Effect in Short Story Hop-Frog

At the beginning of the story, Poe shows us how Hop-Frog has been mistreated by the king just to get a laugh, and how the poor dwarf just puts up with it, again and again. He does this when he forces Hop-Frog to drink wine , even though it makes him almost mad. However, Hop-Frog gets his idea for his own "jest" for the masquerade party. He explains every detail of his plan to dress the king and hi...

Gothic Themes in Edgar Allen Poe's "the tell-tale Heart"

Even after the beating stopped, according to the narrator, it began again, once the police arrived. Poe makes it clear that the beating heart is not just the narrator listening to his own heart, or imagining the sound in his head, "until, at length, I found that the noise was not within my ears," (GB, pg. 77). An unexplainable noise that grows louder and louder can only be the work of the supernat...

Chiaroscuro in The Scarlet Letter and "The Fall of the House of Usher"

Hawthorne portrays Arthur deteriorating from his guilt, while Hester pushes herself to live on and try to overcome it, still always bearing its weight and pain. Poe uses images of light turning into dark to present his gloomy settings and themes. The House of Usher as first being described in light converts to dark images. Chiaroscuro is effectively used by Hawthorne to develop the personalities o...

The Black Cat and the Cask of Amontillado

Although they are very similar, the Black Cat and the Cask of Amontillado have many differences. The Cask of Amontillado is a very ironic story, whereas the Black Cat is very ambiguous. "The Cask of Amontillado" is a powerful tale of revenge while the Black Cat is psychological study of domestic violence and guilt, but, unlike the "Cask of Amontillado", this story does not deal with premeditated m...

Edgar Allan Poe: Narrative Structure in "Ligeia"

These major elements from "Ligeia," death, guilt, life, and opium use, directly reinforce the main structural element holding the narrative together, the life vs. death tension. All four complement each other as well - for without one, the other ones would not be complete. Without the pervading theme of death, the will to overcome death would not be as shocking. Without the acknowledgement of the ...

Analysis "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe

The deceitful narrator can be seen as unreliable, mainly because he seems to be psychotic. He has no way of stopping his anger, which takes a toll on his personal life with his family and pets. With no self-control towards his actions, he sinks into extreme alcoholism. In conclusion, his characteristics change drastically in a matter of time; ending the life of his loving pet and wife instantaneou...

"The Black Cat" and "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Edgar Allen Poe conveys the similar ideas of "The Black Cat" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" with subtle hints that can be seen throughout the two short stories. The two tales concentrate on mans descent into evil and the fact that evil never prevails. Furthermore, a theme of darkness and fear is present throughout the gruesome stories. Another similarity is the way that Poe reveals the climax in both s...

Symbols and Allegory in Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’

Edgar Allen Poe wrote the poem "The Raven" in an attempt to cope with the death of his young wife. The symbols in the poem, including the woman Lenore and the raven are examples of how the thoughts of dead loved ones are ever present and can haunt the living that were left behind. The speaker's lost loved one, Lenore, seems to be ever present in the poem; the wind evens carries the whisper of her ...

A Dream within a Dream: A Critical Analysis

The reader can easily relate to it because each one of us undergoes this sense of agony at the loss of a loved one. We might feel that things are slipping away from our hands but we remain helpless. The poet has captured this aspect of human existence very beautifully. Although there are portions of the poem that are vague as one cannot be sure what the poet is trying to convey, the overall effect...

American Literary Movements Summary

Contemporary American literature has been characterized by a tremendous variety forms, techniques, and outlooks. For example, post-modernism contains stories of optimism, despair, cynicism, violence, abnormality, anger, absurdity, and mysticism, as well as revivals of religion, folklore, and myth. Also, minority literature has greatly influenced and impacted the movement of post-modernism. Importa...

Life and Death as Portrayed in Edgar Allan Poe’s

The two poems are truly worth to consider as among the many literary classics of the world that will never die in the heart and mind of the people since they are indeed a creative and inventive fruits of the perspiration and labor of a good literary artist. Works Cited Gill, William Fearing. The Life of Edgar Allan Poe. New York: BiblioBazaar, 2009. Poe, Edgar Allan. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, ...

The Literary Elements of “Annabel Lee”

Therefore making the angels of Heaven commit the deadly sin of jealousy. A jealousy so great that it drives the angels to attempt to break up the lovers. As Poe puts it, “The angels, not half so happy in Heaven, went envying her and me….”. An envy that drove the angels to the brink and over to another deadly sin and kill Annabel. However the angels soon learn that not even death can stop the...

Irony and Foreshadowing in Poe's Short Stories

Symbolically, the House of Usher represents the bloodline of Ushers. When the house crumbles to the ground at the end of the story, it represents the end of the Usher bloodline. “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” give a multitude of examples of both irony and foreshadowing. Poe uses these literary devices to develop suspense and mood in these stories. Without th...

Tell Tale Heart Analysis

However, the policemen don’t know that. After the narrator killed the old man and buried his cut up body under the floorboards, he heard the old man’s heartbeat. It wasn’t actually the sound of a heartbeat; it was the sound of the narrator’s guilt since he killed the old man. In the story it said “It was a low, dull, quick sound like a watch makes when inside a piece of cotton. ” This ...

Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Comparison

The resolution of the story is that the horrid scene the young man had witness the night before was only a dream, yet he is not sure that it took place in his mind or if it was real. Reality and what one perceived as reality was something that Hawthorne was a master. Both Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne made use of the human mind as an instrument a person’s demise rather than actions. Th...

Edgar Allan Poe and James Russell Lowell

As shown, these two poems can be compared and contrasted through theme, tone, and figurative language. In the way the poets write, we can see their reactions to the snow. Even though they both wrote about snow, they didn’t approach the topic in the same way. Lowell and Whittier both lived in the Romantic era but lived different lifestyles, which affected how they saw events and formed the style ...

Cask of Amontialldo - Character Traits

Explaining the situation, Montresor says, “... inding his progress arrested by the rock, stood stupidly bewildered... a moment more and i fettered him to the granite” (Poe 4). Lastly, Montresor is just plain mysterious. Readers never know exactly why he decided to go after Fortunato, but it is hinted he offended the killer in some way. When asked about his coat of arms, Montresor blatantly sta...

Feminist Perspective of the Role of Lady Madeline

It suggests that she may have been a strong character from the start – but the readers just cannot immediately see it as it is shrouded by the lack of attention on her and descriptions of her. In essense, a feminist criticism of “The Fall of the House of Usher” reveals much about the nature of the characters and their relationships, as well as the reasons behind the circumstances and the cha...

Evolution of Detective Fiction

In conclusion, detective fiction is a genre still under development, since new elements are only starting to emerge and all is thanks to the drastic change of technology and way of thinking. But this doesn’t mean that it will surely develop in a positive way. There are way too many factors that play a part in it, however we take our part in preserving the bases of this great genre and putting ou...

The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe - Suspense, Irony, Symbolism

Poe’s stories demonstrate many different effects in order to capture his readers. Many of his stories use certain styles of writing that affect the audience in different ways. Whether it is positive or negative, anyone reading Poe’s writings will be influenced in some way or another. He uses distinct effects to make an imprint on the reader in his own unique ways. Suspense, irony and symbolism...

Symbolism in the Fall of the House of Usher

There is a full, blood red moon overhead, symbolic of violence and death. The collapsing of the house straight down into the lake symbolizes the Usher's family tree and its ultimate collapse. Most of the symbolism in "The Fall of the House of Usher" is internal. The House of Usher refers to both the house and the family. The frightening images inside the house symbolize the madness of the house's ...

Analysis of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

“The Raven” offers a fine example of how the use of sound effects and other literary devices can be used by writers to establish a tone that creates a “mood” within the reader. Poe’s mastery of these tools is quite impressive. He artfully gives an illustration to writers, readers, and students of how to make full use of these implements to create the precise air of dread that Poe desires...

Edgar Allan Poe's Influence on Literature

Film directors will continue to use his stylistic elements to portray a sense of Poe into their films. Musicians will continue to use Poe’s lyrics in their music, as well as use different aspects of his writings in their videos. Not only will Poe continue to influence them, but he will also continue to communicate with people through his works. People will continue to connect with Poe, just like...

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