Implementing Ethical Standards for Sustainable Business Practices

Business ethics

The business should practice business ethics. This is the way that the business handles ethical problems that arise in an environment. In this case study the problem was not handled ethically because David made Frank to be fired for no reason and also he did not hire Ed as the president as he had qualified for the position. It is clear that David acted in his self-interest in order to remain in that position. The reason why the business should practice ethical principles is determine the functions of the company.

This means that if the business functions to satisfy the needs of its clients then it are not ethical to put their interests first.

Good leadership skills

In this case David put his interest first at the expense of Frank and Ed. It also provides good leadership skills in the business. It also avoids crimes to be committed and thus enforcing the law in the work place. Professional ethics is essential in this particular business environment.

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It deals with ethical problems that arise and how professionals can solve them in the business. Since David is a professional in the field he was expected to solve Frank’s matter and also Ed’s matter professionally. He was also expected to have some knowledge and skills about how to solve such issues.

He should have also formulated the way to handle employees in future. He should have done so by explaining in writing and orally why he did not give Ed the position and the reason for firing Frank and open for any suggestions on how to deal with the situation in future.

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This will ensure that his predecessors will follow the same thing in future. Hiring of an ethics officer would be very appropriate for the business in order for the officer to oversee the activities that happen in the organization. David should have created a transparency environment and integrity because he is the leader of the organization.

Ethical culture in the business

In doing so he would have been creating an ethical culture in the business. It should be based on the belief that one cannot change the world but one cannot contribute to being corrupt if the environment is corrupt. He should have an understanding that ethics and standards are for the common people when creating the ethical culture.

He should also be an example to the rest of the employees and as a result he should be just to all. He should not be guided by self-interest and corruption. His spiritual and moral character should govern him. As a manager he is supposed to have very high morals and a person of noble character.

Managerial skills in the business

He should also use his managerial skills in the business to benefit others and in this case study Frank and Ed. He should also be concerned for the welfare of the employees in the business in order to make the business prosper. His decisions should also focus on the social impact and the organization at large. Leadership is very important in the business. Since David has proved to be a bad leader then he should step aside. It was unethical to the way he fired Frank and the way he is treating Ed. If David should have followed his moral and ethical values then Ed would probably have done the same.

It was very important for him to set an example, as others would have done the same. He should have also looked at the social responsibilities of the business and also try to rectify the problems that arise in the organization. It is the responsibility of the leader to demonstrate moral responsibility as businesses are formed to oversee such responsibilities. This in turn promotes good cooperate governance.


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Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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