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How would you contrast Amazon’s business design with that of Barnes ; Noble before Barnes ; Noble went online? From a customer’s perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each design?

Barnes & Noble is a traditional style library and Amazon.com is in another league. Amazon.com is fast accurant trusted with a lot to offer. Barnes & Noble is for the folks who love the smell of books.

With over 40 product categories ranging from books and DVDs to pet food to health and beauty products, there is something for just about everyone on Amazon.

com. The site contains your browsing log in. Amazon offers 1-click check out once you set up an account, and also offers incentives to consumers who use Amazon’s own credit card. Amazon provides plenty of graphics of book and DVD covers, so even if you can’t remember the name of the item, you might be able to recognize it from its picture.

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Amazon also offers a simple order tracking option called Where’s My Stuff.

Barnes ; Noble offers a narrower range of products, mainly books, DVDs, and vaguely educational toys. Books are new and used mass market, as well as new and used textbooks. Barnes ; Noble also offers incentives for customers to use its own credit card and to join its membership program in exchange for discounts. Shipping is free on most orders over $25. Payment is via Paypal.

Will Amazon continue to be successful against “click-and-mortar” competitors, such as Barnes ; Noble?

I think that Amazon is a risk environment.

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A risk environment lacks complete information but offers probabilities of the likely outcomes for possible action alternatives. Amazon is a company that bases their decision on the facts and on research. Since they use both systematic and intuitive thinking, this means that they have information and facts, but at times they need to make risks. When it comes down to creating a product, there is no possible way of determining the success rate.

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