Driving Teachers Crazy Essay

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Driving Teachers Crazy

Teaching is not just earning a buck, it’s a snap. At the beginning of a new school year with high school sophomores, Mr. Finn is working at his desk wondering what the first period is going to be like. While waiting for the bell to ring, most students stand in clusters talking quietly but a few the knock- upstairs are rather loud and boisterous around the room causing a commotion with every group they pass. Not wanting to be overly negative on the first day, Mr. Finn says nothing. By the time the bell rings most of the class has become loud and boisterous.

Although, teaching is a snap. Some students make it rather difficulty. When he realizes that his class is going to be immature, he will need to learn self-discipline. He remembers the classroom management suggestion he learned in college. “Don’t simile until Christmas and be tough on the first day”. Therefore, he commands everyone to sit and get the class started.

From the time of role call to the time Mr. Finn is passing out textbooks, and then thought the introductory lesson, several students are loud and sometimes obnoxious, others to the other side of the room are murmuring, swearing and don’t forget the corners someone is snoring. He tells the students to be quieter, but they don’t listen. By the end of the first period he wonders whether his going into teaching might have been a mistake. He wanted to teach and help young learn, but certainly lost he thinks, when you spend your whole day disciplining students rather than teaching them.

As routine as it may sound, this is the experience that I go through everyday. Having twenty students a day that are as loud as action is never pleasant. By the time I get home I head to the fridge to get chocolate ice cream not just because I need it, but also because want it.

Noise distracts other slow learners as well as teachers. It maybe that this student needs to be noticed and recognized. I have a friend who always shouts to be noticed, being loud seem to enhance her personality, and sometimes to appear tough. It is so irritating when you are reading and someone shouts loudly keeping you off track. This student need to encouraged repeatedly, she requires redirection and always told to demonstrate mature behavior.

Secondly, name-calling is also a common occurrence and very nefarious. It bothers me when a student calls someone a name just to be noticed or for attention. Although there are key problems that lead to this behavior there are key issues behind the scenes. One key major aspect is sexuality, a student may feel that he/she is an outcast or cannot make friends. He/she attracts attention from peers through name-calling. Some classmates are also amused by this behavior – as long as it’s directed toward someone else. Sometimes, a student may have a need for food and drink, and may be covering this need by name-calling. A teacher has to recognize why the student is presenting this behavior in order to be of help. There are things that can be done by the student. A close relationship with someone may reduce this student’s need to call others names.

Another irritating behavior is making fun of other’s weakness. People need to belong and respected no matter what their weakness, if this is taken advantage of they might be hurt or discouraged. Last year, I had a friend in my health class, he had a domestic problem and that his parents were divorced. Now that he lived with his mother who couldn’t support him in any way, he thought he could the world it all belonged to him. This friend of mine was real dumb and ill tempered, even though you greeted he thought that he was being insulted. He also had problem with English since his home language is “French” sometimes he would pronounce words with an accent for example “wit” instead of “with”, other students thought that this was weird or even fun and they always made fun of him they even nick-named him “wit”.

As time went by, he suddenly stopped talking. Early in the morning he could sit by the corner and sleep. There are students like my friend who have different weaknesses, it doesn’t mean that they are different although they seem that way. A teacher can help these kids by getting a translator or after school tutoring. A teacher may all own the class to establish rules regarding this behavior. Our goal is to make ” making fun of other’s weaknesses” socially unacceptable.

School time dozing is another major problem in history of the classroom. In the middle of a discussion, a teacher unexpectedly stops speaking. Everyone stops speaking, nothing is heard except a faint sound from somewhere in the corner. Noise that sound like………………….snoring? Suddenly with a loud thwack! The teacher claps a book shut and the snoring culprit is jarred from his sleep, lifting his head up with blear- eyes all ashamed! You would think times have changed. Falling to sleep among today’s teenagers is a common occurrence. Why do the sleep in class? An obvious reason is lack of sleep. IT bugs me when someone is snoring and I am studying or typing. I remember last yeast in my keyboarding class a boy who sat adjacent to me. He slept and snored real loud, that the ceiling could tremble. I could hardly contrite and since this was a keyboarding class that never cared much the rule was “Do all you can but turn in work on time”. The only possible cure to school time dozing is personating time for activities as well as schoolwork.

I conclusion, being a teacher can be tiresome. No matter how routine the day, still teachers get away with it. Teaching is supposed to be a snap as you lock the door, driving by the countryside sing ” I t was horrible, but I managed”. Although you spend all day disciplining instead of teaching them.

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