Does the Perfect Body Size Exist

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Too much pressure are put on teenagers to have the perfect body type. Society has a certain view on how girls should be or look like and this needs to stop because it has increased the attempts of suicide among teenagers, instead of discriminating against them, society needs to inform them about health, and help them through the process because the perfect body doesn’t exist. There are many types of body shaming, the most common one is comparing yourself with someone else.

At one point, we all do that, because no one is perfect, we all have our unique flaws, but we only notice it because we compare ourselves with someone else. “I wish I was thin like you” the first time my friend told me that, I was shocked because being thin isn’t the same as being healthy. But the question is, Does the American society care about overweight people more than thin?

Yes, because advertising are making people feel bad about themselves and forcing products on them to help them improve themselves, there are thousands and millions of ads advertising pills and programs about a healthy diet, but I can’t recall one day seeing an ad or even one single program advertising about products that can help the change of our metabolism.

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It doesn’t exist, well yeah it does, it exist in Africa where only rich people can be over overweight because they are the only one that can afford products to gain weight. Eight of the 20 nations in the world with the fastest rising rates of obesity are in Africa, according to a recent study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

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Teenagers need to embrace their size.

We need to improve the condition of girls in society. “No girl should be ashamed of being overweight” comes from the mouth of a skinny girl, comes from the mouth of a skinny person that was overweight 6 months ago, coming from the mouth of a person that is on diet. So what? This is not only putting pressure on a fat girl but also confusing them. For example, the kim Kardashian show, almost every teenager watch that show, promotion of such body standards have to lead to an increased number of teenage girls wanting to get plastic surgeries, what is actually wrong is that this is creating an unrealistic image that girls think is how they should look like. In fact, there are certain jobs that women can't do or have to go through the path of most resistance to get into. Such as being a Cop or a fighter pilot. Whereas some women are millionaires only because they have the perfect body size, having the perfect body size it's not a talent but this is what society had shown girls.

For this reason teenagers girls must be taught that they are unique and must become the best version of themselves because the world needs them not a photocopy of someone else. I think it's important not to shame teenagers for their weight, but to be honest about the consequences of not choosing to exercise or eat healthy. People who are overweight should not be ashamed of it. If they are, they might get past that by taking responsibility for themselves, and feel comfortable and confident in who they are, as opposed to being defined by their weight. We are much more than what we weigh. The problem with our society is that we get so affected by what people say about us and we live our lives based on acceptance, but does what people say matter more than what we think about ourselves?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022
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