Does Respect Still Exist?

Being a part of the generation that I am, I have found that my views on respect, of people’s property, and physical self, are views that are not commonly held, and I wonder why that is, As I look at my peers, the people that I associate with, I see that they have been raised with a similar upbringing to mine, which entails that we were taught not to touch others property and you do not touch or vandalize another’s property or even their physical self.

The select groups of those in my generation, who share my views, are a minority. Most of the peers I see every day, have no sense of respect and overall common decency. They do what they want to do, no matter how it may affect others negatively For example, I watched a person look at another person’s vehicle, that they did not own, and kick the plastic hubcap of it because it was cracked, only to see if he could break it.

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This mentality of doing something for the sake of causing a negative effect astounds me. I wonder what makes a person find that to be enjoyable, to make others feel bad, or to negatively affect someone’s things, To me, that mentality seems like a defect, rather than some genre of lifestyle. This disregard for other human beings, makes me think, are we, as human beings, in a downward spiral? Are we devolving? I credit my feelings on this, to my wholesome upbringing.

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I feel like a simple change, as being taught at a young age to value “The Golden Rule”, we would make a change for the better.

Having a moral compass is what allows us to make the right decisions, and without an understanding and empathy, we will never evolve into a totally functioning society, which is exactly what I have noticed all around me; it is chaotic, dysfunctional, and people show a lack of respect The reason for the lack of a sense of morals, by this generation of children, is due mainly to the sheer lack of involvement of parents in their children’s lives, if you instill the right values in your children, from a young age, then you have given them something they will keep and cherish for their whole lives. With that being said, the question I ask is “Why aren’t parents doing this?” The answer, I think, is because parents allow technology to do their work for them, They give them I-pads, computers and video games, and rather than spending quality time teaching their children, in the period of life where their views and morals are the most moldable, they stick them in front of a TVjust to get them out of the way. I find this to be disturbing. If you tried so hard to have a child why would you want to spend all of this time away from them, not able to watch them grow up and become functioning members of our society? This raises the question of “Are computers really a miracle?” As I have gotten older and became more observant of society as a whole, my answer has changed to that question, Computers are indeed a fantastic teaching tool, but as it is so often said.

“All good things in moderation? Computers have contributed to, the emotional desensitization of our children in this generation, because they do not have the face to face human connectiont As in a real in»person conversation, they feel like it is okay to call people rude things and treat other humans, via the internet, in their anonymity they are less than human, an animal some might even say. If parents or guardians, even close relatives, would just take the time to read a kid a book, or tell them a story, take them to a park, rather than give them a new video game, or let them get on social media for hours on end, maybe, just maybe, they would turn out a little better, have more wisdom, more overall compassion for fellow human beings, and a solid moral compass. But in this generation, technology has allowed for a sedative lifestyle, so for many, to give a kid a computer and send him or her on their way is much easier than to expend the time and energy to genuinely act like they care I often sit and think, “Do the pros of modern day technology outweigh the cons?” For most, the answer must be “yes” and that very well may be true, but in order for the answer to be “yes” in my mind, more needs to be done, to avoid the overexposure to technology, to avoid this lack of compassion, or just the sense of respect for others. Those overexposed to this technology seem almost robot-like in their sense of emotion, just because they have not been exposed to real face to face human interaction like generations past have. Maybe, if a useful public service announcement was put out, just telling folks “Hey, just spend some time with your kid” maybe our generation would gain some manners, some sense of respect. In other countries such as Japan, where the young generation is known for being, for the most part, utterly respectful, discipline plays a major role in the children’s behavior, Here in America, in years past, physical discipline has been the standard.

As years have gone on though, this has become less common, and our children’s behavior have reflected that, maybe if we made physical discipline the standard, children would shape up and start to act like they had some sense in their heads, Japan and older America are proof that if you use physical discipline, to an extent, allows children to know where they stand on the ladder of respect and authority Some argue that physical discipline is cruel, and unnecessary, and that is true if you are causing permanent injury, but a simple smack on the leg doesn’t cause any permanent harm, but does serve its purpose, which is showing the child where he or she stands on the ladder of authority, A pacifist approach, like is so common in today‘s society, for example, talking to a five year old child as if he or she is on the same level as you, as an adult, In truth they are not on the same level. You are the authority, as you are older, wiser, Overall, the reason for the abundance of children with a lack of respect can be changed, as the causes are not permanent, and with a simple change of lifestyle by many, this plague of rudeness can be reversed, and make for a better tomorrow But, I wonder will people come to a realization, an epiphany that things are wrong? We will have to see, but for now, if things start to change, the future is bright.

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