Impact of Modern Tech on Society: Positive or Negative?

Technology is something found all over the planet. It's almost found in every home across the globe. Since the past, we have improved technology. Although technology has come a long way, it hasn't really evolved. I believe we have reached a limit, and that we will soon go corrupt as a society. All the technology that we see, we believe is better. Every year, new phones are released, new computers are released, and new vehicles are released alongside a few other technologies.

Although they include new features and minor changes, does it really affect the world or change it in a positive or important way?

Cellphones. They have been active since the 1990's, and are even more popular today. What has changed? They have become slimmer, touch screen, faster and way more powerful. The same goes for computers and televisions. Although they have gotten better, do they really change? Yes, there is a speed increase, better performance and usability, but in the end they all do the same thing.

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Smartphones call, computers do computer stuff, televisions still show the channels.

I believe that we have reached the capacity of human innovation. Yes technology does change but it doesn't make a great impact. Now a days, every year is a minor change or a company copies another company, therefore no innovation is demonstrated. Since I believe we have reached our peak, I believe we'll go corrupt as a society.

Manufacturers and companies will go out of ideas, therefore not presenting a consumer with something new.

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After that occurs, they'll start losing business, as well as lose money, and as they start failing the society loses their jobs, from which the rest of the world get enraged at the massive job loss, and the world becomes chaotic. We advanced in our technology too quickly. Yes, it's good for companies in the short run, but not so good in the long run. Look at Apple. They've had the same design for 3 years. Only minor adjustments.

All cars have four wheels still. They all have engines. Some just more powerful than others. They all have the same basics, some just do it better than others. There isn't much we can change. Video game systems have similar things too. One year they're fat, the next year they're slim, like the PlayStation. I believe we will start going corrupt as early as in 50 years. From there on out, the society will fail. Nothing that's too great to change humanity as we know it will occur. Humanity has reached the climax of its cycle.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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