Disney Stories That Tells About True Friendship

Most Disney stories tell us about great love, but there is another kind of relationship lessons we can learn from their films – how to be a friend. Here are the most prominent examples of true friendship.

Mowgli and Baloo. The wild boy adores his bear friend so much that even imitates his behaviour scratching his back on trees. Looking at them you feel like floating without a care through the jungle. Too-oo-oooh!

Dumbo and Timothy Mouse. It is so important to have somebody who believes in you even more than you do.

Timothy persuades Dumbo that he can fly and Dumbo is there for him at the moment of need when he saves them both Timothy and his dropped father just by being a good friend.

Timon and Pumbaa. Besides giving us one of the best Disney songs, they also teach us a precious lesson. These two accept each other exactly as they are and put up with one another’s nasty habits.

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That is why it is almost impossible to imagine them without each other. Hakuna Matata!

Rapunzel and Pascal. These two have been watching each other’s backs for years spent locked up in Rapunzel’s tower and never felt bored playing hide-and-seek. Moreover, Pascal didn’t leave Rapunzel when she decided to find her destiny, helped and protected her. Isn’t that true friendship?

Aladdin and Genie. These buddies even wear matching clothes. Who would refuse to have Genie for a friend? Isn’t it great to have somebody around who sings, dances, gives some wise advice and saves your life on a daily basis? Or Aladdin who is brave and loyal? True friends as they are.

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Woody and Buzz. Sheriff and space ranger, so different, from different worlds. What could they have in common except being toys? Despite their differences, nobody ever can come between these two friends. As that is the most valuable lesson: you can find your best friend where you least expect.

Ariel and Flounder. We’ve all envied Ariel and wanted to have a Flounder of our own, and many of us still do. When your parents don’t seem to understand you or when the world seems unfriendly and confusing, it’s good to have a listening gill and a fin to cry on whenever you need it. And to know that there is a brave fish who will stop at nothing to help you

Winnie the Pooh and… all, all, all. It is so difficult to name only one of Pooh’s best friend. Is it Christopher Robin? Piglet? Rabbit or his buddy Tigger? They are all in the Disney Favorite Friends list. Their personalities complement each other and none of them expects anything from the others. And none of them would be who they are without the rest of the Pooh’s crew.

Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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